Boost Engine Power

Effective Methods to Boost Engine Power

Every car owner wishes their car could go just a bit faster. There are situations where you really need more power coming out of your engine to avoid accidents and possibly save lives. That’s why making your vehicle more powerful and efficient is an idea definitely worth considering. Luckily, many experts have perfected several ways in which you can make your car more powerful and all you need to do is simply follow in the footsteps of other car owners who have already improved the overall performances of their cars.

In order for it to go faster, your car needs to have more combustion in the fuel chamber. Adding more oil is not an option, since the engine has a limited capacity. So, you have to resort to modifying it to make it capable of working with more air and fuel. Here are the best and easiest ways to do that.

Cold-air intake (CAI)

This is a popular method, since it’s rather inexpensive and simple, yet quite efficient when it comes to increasing the torque and horsepower. The CAI is actually an aftermarket assembly of parts that make the pulled air cold and dense. This air is then mixed with fuel and together they burn to produce power. Since the air is condensed, you get more of it in the cylinder, which translates into more combustion, i.e. more power.

Reducing the weight

The most obvious way to boost your car’s engine power is to make the car lighter, so that the engine can give you more power and speed. Basically, you should consider replacing the bulky parts throughout the vehicle with lighter components. This could be quite expensive and you need to calculate well whether such interventions will pay off. Also, a cheaper alternative is to remove extra seats, throw out unused items from the trunk. You could also replace glass windows with acrylic ones or change the traditional brakes with disc brakes. All this would make your car lighter and more aerodynamic, which means your engine will be able to use more power.

Exhaust system

One of the features that prevent your engine from providing more power is definitely the exhaust system. A way to deal with this issue is to replace the factory exhaust pipe and stock muffler with one of quality aftermarket performance exhausts. You could opt for a cat-back exhaust system installed behind the catalytic converter, so that the combination of a high-flow cat converter and exhaust setup can improve the airflow supply and torque, which will lead to more horsepower. The system actually pushes the exhaust gases out faster, thus creating more room for air and fuel.

Performance chipset

Another thing you could do is alter the factory settings of the on board computer system that controls the anti-lock brakes, the ration of gas combustion, timing, etc. Each modern car model is equipped with such a system. You can find aftermarket performance chips that can hack into the system and override the factory settings. As a result, you can boost engine power by replacing your factory chip with a new one.

Forced induction system

If you introduce a supercharger or turbocharger to the engine mechanism, you’ll see how both the torque and horsepower are boosted. Using these tools can significantly boost engine power by bringing more air into the engine block. Consequently, more fuel is burnt and more horsepower is created.

Diesel injector cleanser

Although the demand for diesel engines has substantially declined over the years, there are still many cars out there using diesel engines. The main worry is naturally the pollution they create, but modern diesel engines are now much cleaner and fuel-efficient, but you can also make them more powerful. If you install a diesel injector to get more power and cause fewer emissions you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of these upgrades. However, if a diesel injector gets clogged or stuck, you’ll experience many problems, such as poor fuel efficiency and more emissions. That’s why you should have a diesel injector cleaner and use it regularly to clean your injector.

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can boost your car’s engine power, and some of them are relatively cheap. However, you need to make sure that any alterations to your car are done by qualified professionals if you really want to be sure that you will make the most of the changes.

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