Things You Should Never Do at a Campsite

Camping is full of fun and excitement, but campers also face many difficulties. The first time campers are sure to face trouble while camping. Even the experienced campers have to deal with some problems due to things they neglect.

There are many things you need to do while going on a camping trip like carrying the essential gear, adequate clothing, enough food and water, safety gear, etc. Also, people commit many mistakes while camping like approaching after dark, etc.

Such mistakes can put them in trouble and makes their camping trip worse. Let us know some things that you should never do on a camping site.

Arriving at the campsite after sunset

Many people arrive late on camping sites and face trouble while setting their tent. It is difficult to install a tent after sunset in the dark as the camping sites usually get dark before the rest of the world. If you are going in the summer season, try to arrive at the campsite before 11 am or after 4 pm as the sun is calm. Arrive between 11 am, and 4 pm makes it challenging to install the tent as the sun is too hot and the heat is not good for your body.

Choosing the lowest spot on the campsite

Never choose the lowest spot on a campground as it may drench you in the rains. Some people prefer picking a shady spot at the bottom of the campsite for protection from sun and enjoying sitting outside. If you are going to a campsite on hills or mountains, it is better to choose a spot in the open and away from trees.  The lowest spots get most of the water and can drench your tent and gear in the rains.

Not burning a campfire

People don’t burn a campfire if the weather is hot. However, a campfire protects you from the wild animals as they don’t come near the fire. If you want to leave your tent open on one side for air to cross, it is best to burn a campfire near your tent for protection from animals.

Leaving the tent open at night

Many people leave the camp open from one or two sides for air to cross in summer. It is dangerous on the places as there is a risk of wild animals. It is better to cover the sides with a mesh cover, that allows the air to cross but protects does not allow the insects and animals to enter your tent. Never leave your tent open while sleeping regardless of how hot or cold the weather.

Leaving your bag unzipped

Never leave your bag unzipped as the camping sites are full of insects that can quickly enter your backpack. Insects and rodents can be dangerous as they can bite you when you want to take out any item from your bag. Not only the bag, but leaving your clothes on the ground also invites insects to enter them.

Forgetting the first aid supplies

It is essential to carry a first aid kit with you while going on a camping site. The camping sites are full of adventures and risks. Campers are prone to injuries and animal attacks. Some campers forget to carry the first aid supplies that put them in trouble when they get injuries. It is essential to bring a camping specific first aid kit with you on the site. It contains camping specific medications such as snake bite serum that you need on the camping sites for treatment.

Leave the food unattended outside the tent

Never leave any eatables outside your tent while you go out or sleep in the night. Any food left outside can invite animals like monkeys or bear that can attack you when you are not aware. Even if you are not present, they may damage your tent or camping gear.  In addition to food, you should not leave anything unattended that can attract rodents or wild animals.

Placing the shoes outside

Campers usually place their shoes outside the tent in an attempt to get rid of the smell. However, it can be dangerous as insects, and poisonous creatures can make home in your shoes. They can bite you when you try to access or wear your shoes. Make sure to place your shoes inside the tent. If you worry about their smell, you can cover or wrap them with a cloth.

Final Words

These little mistakes can put campers in trouble any time and make their trip a nightmare. As you know about all the things you should never do on a campsite, you must take care of them while going on your next camping trip. Taking care of little things and staying aware of the potential dangers of a campsite enables you to avoid such mistakes and enjoy your trip more than you expect.

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