Trekking in Nepal – A Comprehensive Guide

A Glance at the Top 10 Tourist Destinations that You Must visit

Most people especially those who fall under the middle-class category dream of planning a trip abroad as for them this is a dream which will never materialize. And if you also fall under this group, then this is not true. Traveling to a foreign country is not as pricey as you think. If you plan it well, do thorough research and plan in advance, then you can plan a trip within your budget.

Top 10 Destinations

Take a look at the top 10 tourist destinations that you can travel in 2019.


Seychelles is an exotic island located in the beautiful Indian Ocean. It is an ideal retreat for nature and beach lovers. Though August is the best time to explore the nitty-gritty of this island you can visit it at any other time and avail cheap rates.


If you are a foodie, then Thailand is the place for you where you can enjoy gorging on the sumptuous and spicy Thai curries. The airfare to this place is quite affordable, and same is the case with the stay options. The locals here are welcoming and hospitable, and you can buy great stuff without burning a hole in your pocket.


Hawaii is everything about the sand, the surf, and the sun. The best part is you can indulge yourself in the exquisite locations with coral reefs and crystal-clear beaches which will motivate you in making a two-take underwater.


Along with being a favorite honeymoon destination, Maldives is also an excellent place for seafood lovers and those who are fond of beaches and water sports.


There is indeed something special about Vietnam. It is replete with everything right from gorgeous tropical islands to rugged sceneries. Not to forget, Vietnam is also a foodie’s paradise because it is here where you can taste an array of exotic and weird food mainly seafood.


This is a beautiful place where you will be amazed by the warmth and care of the people. The marine life and beaches here are to die for. And when it comes to the nightlife, it will leave you wide-eyed. So, if you are looking for a place that can offer you with the right mix of crazy and peace, Malaysia should top your holiday list. Besides, if you are fond of horse racing, this is the place for you. To know more about horse racing, watch TVG.


Bangkok is indeed a shopper’s paradise. No wonder it is popularly known as a haven for die-hard shopaholics. This place will provide you with a shopping and eating experience that is one of a kind. You will be stunned by the ladyboy shows and will be taken aback at the skill and grace with which these dancers dance.


There cannot be anything more mesmerizing than waking up to a morning of lush greenery having rainbows and snow-peaked mountains in Nepal. Its rugged beauty will leave you asking for more. If trekking is your hobby, then the good news is there are plenty of local sights here that you can explore through trekking.


Besides being popular for its volcanoes, Indonesia has the widest tropical forests as well as flora and fauna which will stun you. The blue and crystal-clear beaches are indeed a treat to the eyes. Indonesia also has some beautiful temples and Hindu monuments.


Dubai is indeed a must-visit. And why not it is here where you can enjoy everything in one place- shopping, eating, and sight-seeing to experiencing the beautiful architecture.

So, which of these will be your favored destination in 2019?

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