The Coolest Things Drones are Being Used For

Drones our becoming one of the coolest pieces of technology around – everyone wants one! The popularity of them is on a quick rise, allowing people to capture the beautiful views and scenes around the area, whether that be a city skyline or coastal beaches.

But, with a dramatic increase in demand, comes more industries finding ways to use the drone. This savvy piece of tech may be small in build but has a multitude of functions.

Below is a list of all the coolest and wacky things a drone can be used for. It’s not just about imagery and videos anymore…

Drone Racing

Much like remote control racing cars, or the boats we see at the amusement parks, drone racing is becoming the next best thing to do. This allows those who long to be the avid pilot, to let their love run wild.

First started in Australia in 2013, the competition even allows the flyers to see the views from the drones point of view, with perspective goggles and head mounted displays.

With its own rules and regulations, the first World Championships for drone racing was held in Shenzhen, China with over 669 competitors from 41 countries.

From around £300, you can buy a racing drone which can fly at speeds up to 120mph through a three dimensional course.


There are on-going trials and research being conducted to see how drones can be used for delivery. Not just of food or parcels, life-saving medication can be delivered to parts of the world that cannot receive it any other way, easily.

Amazon are known for being the first in their market to make same-day delivery possible, and this has been made even more accessible with their Amazon Prime Air. Allowing packages to be delivered in as little time as 30 minutes.

This form of drone use can ultimately become lifesaving, for everyone around the world. From the neglected countries, to those living in the brazillian jungle, the prescriptions can be received absolutely anywhere. This year, Ghana has set out to serve over 12 million people with their vaccine drone delivery service.

Tracking Sharks

Tracking sharks to help the lifeguards and aid over the areas that they may not be able to see, the drone is there ready to take shift. It is currently being used from a high peak, flying over the horizon of the sea. Equipped with a camera that can detect shape and size, and correlate these with the features of either a shark, whale or dolphin.

This is making it easier for the population of places such as Australia, to share the habitat, and still enjoy the beach – without any attacks taking place.

Sharks can easily end up too close to shore, either by accident or by chasing its prey. So, the drone will work perfectly to track this, and watch the process happen, to save anyone needed.

Search and Rescue Missions

In environments that have been the victim of harsh weather and extreme conditions, police and lifeguards may struggle to get to the missing persons safely. Drones are equipped with high tech features such as infrared and night vision cameras that allow them to enter these zones and help to locate humans and animals. By using deep learning based computer vision, and providing real time data that is visual, drones are time saving machines, aiding public services to know more about a situation and ultimately helping them to keep everybody safe.

It works the most in areas that are undergoing natural disasters such as flooding or even war. The drone will become the safest pair of eyes possible, physically looking and flying around to rescue those in need.

Herding Sheep

A little further away from saving lives, but still quite a vital part of farming, is using the drone to herd sheep. This not only reduces the need to train up a sheep dog, but it gets the sheep to where they need to be in almost record timing.

It even alleviates the need of a farmer leaving his home, as the drone will have a camera and they will be able to see exactly what is going on at all times, and will give the dog a very well deserved rest!

Law Enforcement

One of the most amazing uses of drones, is by the police. They are used as a surveyor to analyse areas in which criminals may be hiding, or to even identify the locations of where hostages are being held.

Even more so, some drones that are used by the police come equipped with a shooter feature. That, if the need arises, they can aid the police by shooting a target or even a criminal, to catch them.

Monitoring Wildlife

Everyday we are seeing more and more animals becoming endangered or having their lives threatened. And, keeping an eye on the animals that we have left is very important to a vast majority of people, keeping the food chain and way of life sustained for as long as possible.

However, when a human enters a habitat or wildlife, there is more chance of things getting destroyed from setting up camps, cutting things down for space, and overall, we just create disturbances that can actually scare away the animals we are trying to keep an eye on.

This is why the drone has become the next best option. Being able to be quiet, fly high and enter as much as it wishes. The drone has provided a safe way to monitor animals, without putting their lives (or ours) in danger.


There is no say as to where the use of drones will end up. At this point in time, the possibilities are becoming somewhat endless. And, with more people everyday purchasing their own, the creativity will continue of more people finding new and innovative ways to use these amazing devices. What happens when drones end up in the hands of criminals?

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