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Tips to Ask for Customer Review

I am going to share the real fact about customer reviews here. Do you know that more than 90% of consumers or audience read online reviews before visiting for your business/services. This acts as a one sidewall and another important fact is 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And moreover, online reviews have the power to shape your business enormously.

At the booming level of technology, all the consumers and audiences are ready to establish their wings to give their validation about the product or service whatever they had previous experience with that. This will illustrate the consumer’s purchase behavior. Now you may understand how customer review plays on your product/service. No doubts here, no time delaying here. Let’s start to ask for customer reviews to build your online structure.

Before moving to the tips to ask for customer review, you need to take the first step regarding this. Are you going to ask reviews from every single customer that you are having? Instead of this categorize your customer’s list initially. You can identify who are all the happy customers for you. At the initial stage, you need to move on with them. These happy customers can be act as a brand ambassador to your business.

Now I will share you some central key tips to ask for customer review:

Catch an early bird option

If you are doing business with your consumers or with your audience, then never lose the early bird option to get the reviews from them. Since when the customers buy your product they feel happy about your product/service. They have the happiest fresh mind about your product’s benefits by the early time. At this stage, everyone must be ready to give a great review of your service. If you are not able to send immediate request for review from the customers, then approximately within 30 days ask them to give their suggestions or reviews about your product or service. If you are missing this point, then sure you may lose your review step at this stage itself.

Even though if you are rising review request from your customers you may face some scenarios such as the customers still not yet using your product or they need some time to get positive aspects towards your product/service. At this time also never forget to follow back them and never lose your opportunity to get a review from this kind of customers. It will show that you are giving such importance to your customers. Sometimes they will be completely satisfied with your product and they will give the best reviews from their heart sole. This will lead your business to reach a result in a better way. From this kind of reviews, you can build your customer foundations for your business.

Send more personalized Email Messages

When you are reaching your customers through Email, send it as more personalized email. Even though your motive is getting reviews about your business, create a special space specifically for your customers. Personalized email message can make them feel happy about your service.

When you are sending review related e-mail,

  • Mention their name/company name
  • Product they have purchased from you
  • Pain points that they have shared at the time of purchasing
  • Maintain your casual talk
  • Show them that you are not wasting their valuable time
  • Ask about any negative issues
  • Never forget to put your review link
  • Make a short message

In the above screenshot, you can identify all the above mentioned bullet points. This kind of review asking email is used to allow your customers to spend some time on your email.

Use trial and error method

It is not easy to predict the real mind of customers that they have responded to your email request or not. You may not predict what works out for you until you try some new tactics. So imply some trial and error method which one works for you. Based on the overall analysis of the highly responded review method, build your methodology for a particular duration. After some time do the same review process to build the new one.

In the above screenshot, you may see the different kind of review request approach that “your reviews will help other customers like yourself”.

Likewise, try different types of review requests based on your customers.

Educate your customers

In all the cases you may not assume that your customers know about the value of the reviews and how to share the reviews of them to your product/service. In such cases educate your customers on how to leave their reviews through which medium and all. Make a small video clippings or any photo flow chart. Through that you can educate your customers to leave their reviews.

Here the easiest way to get the review from your customers is, if your service is by person visit, then make available any iPod or any other gadget there. And make available link open always. After finishing the purchase ask your customers to leave their review on your product/service. This is the easiest way that you can get reviews from them though they may not have an idea about to leave a review.

Use social media

Link all your social media with your landing website to get more and adequate number of reviews as soon. Nowadays everyone spends time on social media. You can get reviews from there easily and you can connect with your landing website.

Through social media engage your customers in multiple different ways. For example, ask your customers to share a photo post related to your product in your social media accounts. Publish it on your social media space and it will generate more comfortable personalized space for your customers on your social media. When this kind of engagement is going on in your social media, ask your product review in the meanwhile from your responded customers.

Enfold the conclusion

As an entrepreneur never throw your hands up in getting the review from your customers. As you can see it is quite painless action to get the reviews from your customers. There is no need to move on with any special particular review tools or technology. Take an obligation to get the review from your customers as your service or sales.

If you are getting any negative reviews from your consumers, never panic. Properly respond to them. If you feel like it is a fake review given by your competitors, then make it as offline.

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