Great Tips to Help You Select the Best Quantity Surveying Firm

Quantity surveyor QS is a person who perfectly calculates the actual amount of materials required to make a building project.

A quantity surveyor plays a vital role in the world of construction. But when it comes to selecting the best QS firm, this might seem pretty challenging. After planning which building or structure is to be made, the next step is taking the services of a right quantity surveyor.

This step is inevitable because seeking the services of the best professional for the development of your project will earn you confidence and trust. If you chose right QS, your investment will carry good returns.

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This of article will share the gist of wisdom by throwing some tips your way to help you choose the right QS for your project.

Set a realistic budget and timeline

Developing a financial budget and a realistic timeline for the construction of your project is a must. Most of the time you want to handle ‘do it yourself’ frame of mind. However, it backfires and you have to face the music. Whatever your job title is in the project, you are still lacking in proper knowledge, skills and experience which an expert QS has.

An expert QS will not only save your time but money too. He will not only optimize the efficiencies but will add value to your project by providing you the right quantity survey. He will also help you analyze the quantity compliance of the project by conducting a regular testing and meeting project’s deadlines. In addition to that he can also help you complete your project’s legal documentation.

Conduct a research and have a face to face meeting with QS

Since you are depending on your QS team to work on your behalf with key members like contractors, sub-contractors and consultants for your project, you have a right to feel confident about the QS team to know whether it will work effectively. Make sure you meet them face to face to get a first-hand feeling of how concerned they are about your project and how they communicate. Do question about their staff and turnover record.

Word of mouth does a great deal

A good QS firm makes great connections with its clients. If they are expert, their clients will praise about their work. You must ask for case studies of their past work. Good QR company will feel happy about your idea of connecting with their clients.

Seasoned QS can manage your budgets like a pro

You are playing a different role in your project and might not have time to monitor the construction budget on a regular basis. In this situation, a professional Quantity Surveyor will help you give updates when needed. This will surely help you manage and keep a good control on your construction budgets like a pro. He will provide a budget forecast to keep you well-informed about the future’s potential risks and weak areas. This will help you complete your project in a realistic timeline.

Experienced QS will help you resolve conflicts

When you are running large-scale construction projects, you are likely to to have diverse issues caused due to your contractor’s contract misunderstandings, mis-communications, cash flow problems and financial pressures.

To come out of hard time, hiring an expert to resolve the conflict could be a pricy option. Seasoned QS could lend a great help. His experience will ensure that the contract that your company has signed with a contractor/s will prevent problems arising. If the issues still arise, he will devise a suitable method to minimize the risks involved.

Key questions to be asked from a QS firm

There are tons of questions you may ask a QS firm to analyze whether the QS firm can match your requirements. Ask them if they can:

  • Work while staying in your budget?
  • Show their past experience in doing same-sized project?
  • Work on your timelines
  • Take the responsibility of any project related to work

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