Types Of Coffee

5 Types Of Coffee You Must Not Miss To Drink At Least Once

Irrespective of which part of the world you belong to, coffee is likely to be loved equally everywhere. Ever since it was discovered people have loved and enjoyed coffee. As time passes, we come across different types of coffee. In recent times, we saw dalgona coffee trending on social media sites. Timelines were filled with people making dalgona coffee at home. In the blog, we are sharing some of the best types of coffees that you should not miss out on.


While not as popular as dalgona coffee, doppio is an experience, which you should not miss out on. It is a type of double shot espresso that uses a double coffee filter in a portafilter. You get double the amount of coffee in comparison to single shot espresso. Although it is merely a double shot espresso, the quality varies from one barista to another.

Dalgona Coffee

This type of coffee is made by whipping instant coffee, hot water and sugar in equal proportions. You have to whip until the mixture turns into a creamy consistency. You can add the whipped content on top of a glass of hot or cold milk. You can also top it up with cocoa, coffee powder, honey, or crumbled biscuits. Dalgona coffee got its popularity during the lockdown of COVID-19.

Red Eye Coffee

It is a standard drip coffee that is topped with an espresso shot. Coffee enthusiasts denote it as the best of both worlds – espresso and coffee. The tools used to make this type of coffee vary from one region to another. The name was inspired by the fatigue you get from the late-night flight. This is the term that was commonly used by airlines. The red-eye coffee also has different names that include Shot In The Dark, Pacific Northwest, Sludge Cup, etc.

Flat White

People often get confused between flat white and latte. Flat white is an espresso-based coffee that includes steamed milk. If you are looking for a dairy-based drink with a strong taste of coffee, then this beverage is perfect for you. It includes a small quantity of steamed milk along with a thin microfoam layer. It has a strong taste of espresso with the creaminess of steamed milk.

Irish Coffee

This is one of the most popular types of coffee in the world and for the right reason. This one has coffee, cream and Irish whiskey, all blended into offering a perfect cup of refreshing coffee. This coffee has been around for more than 100 years, and you will come across tons of variations of it across the world.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is dalgona coffee, Irish coffee, latte, or Americano, people love coffee. The love for this beverage has motivated people to explore new varieties and provide us with new flavours. Above are some of the types of coffee that you must have if you are a dedicated coffee drinker. Although a functional beverage, drinking coffee can result in health complications. So make sure you measure your intake and do not exceed it beyond a healthy limit.

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