Stylish Jackets

Dress-up To Impress in Stylish Jackets

When you don’t like to get over decked up in suits you can always opt for sophisticated jackets. These lightweight jackets are available for all-purpose from office-ready jackets to boat party sports coats to classic printed color jackets and also some having proper patterns.

However, before I give you a brief about what type of bespoke linen jackets or suit you want. Let me first share some knowledge about the beautiful fabric known as Linen. This fabric is very comfortable to wear and it gets softer by every use It’s a light-weight, non- allergic fabric having a natural pH balance and it has an absorbing power of 20% or sometimes even more of its own weight in moisture and still giving a feel of drier, perfect to be used during summers or humid conditions.

However, this fabric is difficult to handle, a little tough to maintain, but it will work for you if tailored perfectly and is dry cleaned regularly.

How to Use Linen for Styling?

If you want to know how you can use the linen for styling your beautiful jacket. Or want to know where to get linen jacket Singapore then you don’t need to pressure on your brain as we have sorted it for you here:

1. Nehru Jackets

Whenever you want to attend an engagement or wedding or just a casual function you don’t want to have a heavy look then you can just look stylish with a simple look by wearing a kurta, pajama paired with a Nehru jacket giving you a stylish plus comfortable feel. But some of you don’t want to wear traditional attire then you can also wear this Nehru jacket with full sleeves cotton shirt with the tiny paisley print with cotton trousers which will give you a different as well as a modern look.

2. A Well Fitted Suit for Cocktail

If you want to make your presence felt at a party then you definitely need to think about what type of jacket you need. When you are off for a Cocktail night you can go with a three-piece suit crafted out of linen in any dark color shade or you can pair a black shirt with the jacket of light color or some shiny color which will give you a sharp look making you stand out in the Cocktail party.

3. A Bespoke Tuxedo

Going for a business party, a wedding or club function and want to shine out, what better than wearing a bespoke suit styled out of linen. And with this fabric you will be comfortable in Tuxedo also, giving you all the independence to dance with ease.

Where to Get Your Bespoke Suits and Jackets Ready?

Perfect Attire

Perfect attire is a well-known men’s bespoke tailor Singapore. They are recognized as one of the well-established tailors in the country. There’s a huge variety of suit customization options are available to choose from, as well as fabrics, button whole styles with variety of specific stitching patterns. They have variety of fabrics for every occasions. Their professional designer team will take your measures precisely to ensure that all suits will fit.

They create unique masterpieces for both men to explore their business meetings and other occasions.

Brazil Tailors

It’s one of the most respected popular names in Singapore for their best creations of men’s bespoke tailoring. They specialize in making all kinds of suits and jackets with the best fabric available.

However, their specialization lies in creating bespoke jackets out of the well-loved fabric linen is exceptional. But they also provide you with a full range of custom- made suits and jackets allowing you to meet all your wardrobe needs.

They are serving their clients satisfactorily for three generations that are about 40 years of experience in this business. Their exquisite workmanship is well known among their customers with a wide range of stylish outfits being crafted.

Lai En Tailor

They are small made-to-measure tailors in the east of Singapore. A locally established tailor dealing in both ladies and gentlemen creation is also budget-friendly thus affordable for everyone. They offer you a unique and stylish range of suits and jackets in all fabrics. But they only understand Chinese so you will need to head down to their store toget your bespoke jackets and suits designed.

Ethan Men

They only strive for quality and simplicity in their style. It was started by the talented duo of Daniel and Victor in 2014 and had made the way in our list due to their efficient work and also hassle-free tailoring. Their motto is pretty clear just like their tagline which says,”Your Personal Tailor” and you can find it in their systematic working ways in styling you with all kinds of linen jackets and suits, which will make you look more powerful,elegant and stylish as well.

Red Dot Bespoke

They are the best new age bespoke tailor and their names as we spoke in themselves which means they are dedicated to crafting a particular piece for their customer fitting his style,body, and wallet also.A bespoke jackets or suits are entirely crafted from scratch made to fit a specific customer. They will take a little more time to be made but it’s totally fine after seeing the end result.

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