Maiden Motorcycle Road Trip

Some Utilitarian Tips for Your Maiden Motorcycle Road Trip

Traveling gives you new friends, new experiences, and some new stories. You learn about history, new cultures, and delectable cuisines while traveling. In addition to this, it improves your physical as well as mental health. Free souls are so much into this hobby to experience more joy in their lives. And when you go on a road trip, it gives you a feeling of a new opportunity to explore the world more closely. A journey on a long road while hearing your favorite music and with your favorite people is a fun-house mirror. Road-tripping on four-wheelers has its own charm but nothing can beat the adventure of a motorcycle road trip. You will be able to watch sceneries more closely and can travel on off-road tracks to explore the hidden beauty of the area. However, if you are hitting the road on your motorcycle for the first time to go on a trip, you need to do extra planning and follow steps, enlisted below, recommended by pro-riders. It will save you from making your trip into a disaster.

Choose the ride that suits your trip

Whether you opt to go on your own trusty steed or planning to rent one, one thing you must keep in mind; your bike should be comfortable enough to enjoy long rides. If your bike needs some modification like getting a suitable handlebar, a more comfortable and softer seat, footpegs, backrests, change guards, sharp headlights if you are planning to do some evening riding too, get it done in the first go. Additionally, you can attach highway pegs for stretching out your legs to increase the comfort level. Every part of your bike should be suitable for your height and weight and fully suited for the type of riding you’re planning on doing. Remember riding your bike well is more important than looking cool on your ride.

Pack light but bring all the safety gears

The difference between road-tripping on 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler is the packing capacity. You have to pack things wisely for your bike tour. There are a variety of luggage carriers out there including saddlebags, tail bags, and tank bags. Saddlebags are more comfortable, waterproof in case of rain, and lockable in case you need to leave your bike unsupervised for some time. Moreover, they are easily attached and detached from your bike. After choosing the bag, the next thing packing your stuff very carefully. It’s better to bring disposable stuff with you; as you start getting tired so will your stuff start decreasing. You should pack light but don’t miss safety gear like a motorcycle jacket, VikingCycle vest, Viking cyclerain gear, helmet, gloves, motorcycle pants, and boots.

Bring a motorcycle tool kit

When you are riding especially in the countryside, you may not find a mechanic if your ride broke down. So it’s a wise choice to bring some tools with you for some easy repairs. Moreover, bring some essential spares like a spare tube, spark plugs, brake & accelerator cables, engine oil with you too.

Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks

When you are pushing yourself to cover more miles, you forget factors like keeping yourself hydrated. If taking a stop for drinking some water bothers you, bring a water bottle with you and place it in your easy access. Drink frequently from that bottle if you want yourself not to get fatigued. Moreover, you will need more rest while riding a 2 wheeler than riding a car. Riding for hours can cause saddle sores and your shoulders may start aching. You are not competing in a marathon, so to avoid getting frustration and fatigue take proper rests on the way. Your ride also need breaks for smooth running. Take only necessary breaks, taking too many breaks will break the flow of your riding. While on break, check your water and fuel and if they need refilling get it done.

Try eating at off-hours

Keep some snacks with you to fill your stomach. It will save you from going to restaurants but if you have to dine in a roadside restaurant, eat at weird timings. When you eat at odd hours, you don’t have to wait in long queues for your lunch or dinner. You will deal with less crowd and it will get you served immediately. When you are traveling on highways, this situation gets even more intense.

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