Protect Your Garage

7 Ways to Protect Your Garage from Break-Ins

Whether or not your garage is attached to your home, there’s always a chance that you’re storing something of value inside.

While you may have already considered some home security measures, it’s also important to take proactive steps in keeping your garage safe and secure from intruders looking to find their way in.

To make sure you protect your valuable belongings and keep trespassers from intruding, these are 7 of the best ways to protect your garage or portable garage from a break-in.

1) Cover Your Windows

Advertising your belongings to anyone hoping to take a peek inside may not be the best idea. If you have garage door windows, be sure to cover them with blinds or a frosted spray to help prevent potential intruders from seeing what you’re storing inside.

2) Use Motion Sensing Lights

Installing motion sensing lighting around the outside high enough and out of reach, can help deter thieves from being tempted to enter your garage. A tool that can be used as an added layer of security, motion sensing lights are capable of basic motion detection as well as app alerts when the lights have been activated or switched on. With a wide range of options available for home security systems, you can also keep a constant eye on your garage when coupling motion sensing lights with home security cameras.

3) Take Care of Your Garage Door Opener

Your automatic garage door opener can be a king of convenience, however that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take extra safety precautions with it. It’s important to get in the habit of bringing your garage door opener into the house with you instead of leaving it in the car. While many people leave themselves at risk, either attach a remote to your key chain to help you remember, or alternatively lock your remote in the glove compartment so that no one else can see or steal it.

4) Stay Secure When You’re Out of Town

If you plan on being away it’s important to secure your garage door before you go. Be sure to unplug the automatic opener if you have one, as well as lock the garage door from the inside. If you haven’t done so already, you can also install a built-in lock on the track of your garage door to prevent it from opening.

5) Ring The Alarm

Installing an alarm system can be a great investment for anyone looking to protect their garage from break-ins. While many people neglect the thought of protecting their garage, home security systems can impose an extra layer of protection by extending them to cover your garage’s windows, doors and other access points.

6) Keep Your Door Closed

Potential thieves and intruders don’t need an added incentive and an open invitation could be asking for trouble. By leaving your garage door open unnecessarily for an extended period of time, you’re exposing the contents of your valuables for people to see. To help keep unwanted visitors at bay, be sure to keep your garage door closed even when you’re at home.

7) Turn on Your Radio

Simple yet effective, keeping a radio on may just be the best trick to deter a trespasser from sneaking into your garage. By turning on a radio, noise can simply indicate that someone is around. However savvy an intruder is to home security systems, human presence is certainly not what burglars are particularly looking for, so any noise or disturbance may have an incredible effect in scaring an intruder enough to stay away.

Your garage may not only store items that are invaluable to you but may also provide access into your home. By taking extra security measures, you’re not only keeping its contents safe but ensuring the safety and security of yourself and others.

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