5 Ways to Make Your Organization a Great Place to Work At

Employees are a valuable human resource in every company, but their motivation and ability to perform to the top of their capacities are strongly influenced by the environments they are working in. Although adequate monetary compensation is essential for your employees’ satisfaction, it’s hardly the only factor that counts.

If you want to stand out from other employers, prevent churn and make your organization a desirable place to work at, you need to offer your employees more than a competitive salary. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve this.

Be flexible

The most important thing employees want in a job is a better work-home balance. With the new technologies completely reshaping the way we do business, employees are often expected to be flexible and available 24/7, even on weekends. The only fair thing to do is to extend this flexibility to them too and support your employees in balancing their needs in both their professional and private lives. You can start by implementing flexible working hours, wherever you can, as well as offering your employees a day or two a week they can work from home, and help them escape the tortures of commuting to work.

Treat your employees with respect

A pleasant work atmosphere takes the 4th place among 10 top things Australians want in a job, right after work-place balance, good salary and job security. You’ll hardly be able to meet such conditions if you don’t treat your employees with the respect they deserve, so make cultivating and nurturing your employees your top priority.

Start with recognizing that your subordinates, colleagues, and superiors have their own rights, opinions, wishes, and needs, as well as certain professional competence and experience, which you should all value and take into consideration. Show respect by asking for your employees’ opinions and carefully pay attention to what they are saying, giving them adequate feedback. Another way to show your recognition is by delegating meaningful assignments,and showing your employees you trust their capabilities to handle such tasks.

Show appreciation

Your employees will love working for your organization if you show them your appreciation for a job well done. There are numerous ways you can do this, from acknowledging their success on meetings to some more creative options, such as using a corporate gamification system or expressing your gratitude on social media. You can also include appreciation strategies which will combine your efforts to show appreciation to your employees with acknowledging the customers you serve, such as a team-reward dinner in a local restaurant which uses your services.

Encourage development

By encouraging your employees to develop professionally, you’ll get a loyal and well-qualified workforce, an invaluable resource of new ideas and energy. Data shows that 40% of new employees will churn during their first year if they receive poor training, with the cost being as much as $2,500 for a front line employee. Just how much training matters to your employees can be noted from the fact that it reached the high 5th place in the Australian top ten things list, far ahead of chances for career progression holding the 9th position.

Furthermore, by providing training and professional skill development options for your employees, you can incentive them to become your best brand ambassadors and gain benefits both for themselves and your company. They are more likely to internalize your core brand values and pass them on if your brand has a strong identity, and if you struggle to achieve it, consult a professional digital agency in Sydney.

Improve independence

To make your employees feel as if they really own the job they’re doing, make sure you’ve set some general guidelines, key elements and time frames for their tasks, leaving your employees the independence to do all the rest. By allowing your employees autonomy, you’ll show them your confidence in their performance, and appreciation for their professional initiative too, boosting their morale.No one likes to be micromanaged as it kills all the enthusiasm and creativity, while goals which we set for ourselves give us a strong sense of intrinsic motivation, driven by the internal rewards.

By providing your employees with an environment where they’ll feel respected and appreciated, both professionally and personally, and have enough opportunities to develop and act independently, you’ll become a desirable employer with a well-motivated workforce, boosting your productivity sky-high.

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