Get Clarity between Cast Iron Sewer Pipe and PVC before Making Choice

While looking for the right quality of the sewer pipe, nowadays, there are so many options that have come up in the market, it is quite impossible to make the right choice. The debate on whether to focus on performance or the cast will never end. But when it comes to deciding the material for the building, sewer pipe must be considered in all different factors. The material of the drainage pipe selection has always been an argument amongst many owners. For some, cast iron sewer pipe is the only option as the primary drainage material, while for some, exploring new options like PVC has been gaining quite attention.

The trend of PVC has been available, be it for commercial or residential purposes. The ease of usage and even the price is important while selecting. But it is important to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both the piping material that can work for the drainage solution before the right selection is made.

Know more about PVC

Commercialized and household plumbing is something that is extremely common. The use of PVC pipe or steel has always been a matter of concern. People don’t really find common ground on which option could be better. For some homeowners, the OVC piping is the primary choice since it comes with rust resistance property and has a smooth surface. The smooth surface can be the best choice for the pipes because it reduces friction so that the water conveyance can be quite fast. There are some people who even look for the steel pipes since it is not just stronger but also resistant to the temperature which is quite high.

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Cast iron sewer pipes, on the other hand, are the most common choice for many people. This is a steel pipe that offers better plumbing and conveyance solution. The cast iron pipe is the ideal choice when it comes to handling the water load and high pressure. Such type of pipe is quite heavy and needs the best transportation means. It is not advised to use such pipes at places that are not accessible easily. However, there is quite a heavy load often and that is when such pipe can be made of short lengths and put to use. It is can thus get adjusted well in the complex layout as well.

Now the biggest concern that may come is whether PVC is the right choice or the cast iron piping because for the plumbing, either of the piping will be done for a long time. Considering the specification, the design of the original household pipe is important. Whether it is the repairing or the pipe replacement, it is always better to focus either on the PVC pipe or the steel solution.


As compared to the PVC, cast iron have quite a long life. Such a type of piping can be used in the drainage solution. Such piping can be used for many decades and even for a century. However, one problem to not ignore is that cast iron is often susceptible to rusting if the proper maintenance is not followed. The PVC lifespan, in that case, is quite hard to understand. It entirely depends on its usage in the system of drainage.


In this scenario as well, cast iron is again PVC and, of course, on good terms. The PVC is designed with the limit of low temperature. Besides, it also has a high rate of expansion. It is extremely important to look for a system where PVC can be well used. But since it is susceptible to damages at the high temperature and the waste that could be highly acidic, chances to repair or replace such pipes in a short time could be high.


PVC is highly susceptible to fire. This means it may not offer much protection if the fire catches. It is important to make sure that fire is sealed at the right penetration since it must be handled in a different manner as compared to the cast iron penetration. Besides, the PVC usage in the return air plenum is also not advised.


The overall PVC installation price can be less as compared to the cast iron at the time of construction. Since PVC is an easy option to work with, the time and cost involved are less. But it also needs quite a lot of support as compared to the cast iron. Usually, contractors choose the option of PVC. But it is important to consider the material type on other factors. But to be precise, both cast iron and PVC are the best options as the drainage material.


Another crucial factor to not ignore is the noise. The piping noise of PVC is quite high as compared to that of the cast iron. Since cast iron has a less dense sound effect, people prefer this option. Besides, it does not have any dampening effect like the cast iron offer. This is one of the most common complaints that building tenants have raised with regards to the PVC usage as the wastewater run through the storm piping and sanitary could be heard easily.


In order to make the right choice, the above factors can certainly be of great help. But it is important to meet the seller personally and understand which option to choose. There is no doubt that superiority with regards to fire safety, noise, or the maintenance of cast iron sewer pipe is the best, but PVC offers ease of usage and can be flexible in the complex layout as well. Both options are best, but the cast iron fittings can be the ideal solution considering the long-term usage. It is resistant to fire, toxins, and even the gases that are released due to heating. To be precise, it is a simple yet low-cost step that can be chosen.

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