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Engagement Rings in Calgary – How to Pick the Right One

So, you’re about to propose to someone and you just want to find the right engagement ring. It can be a bit difficult to know where to start looking. So, we are going to help make your search easier by showing you steps to follow in order to get the right ring.

What Are Some of the Popular Engagement Rings?

There are a number of different rings that have gained popularity for different reasons. Let’s talk about a few of them…

popular engagement rings


This is the most traditional and classic ring style. If you want to get a ring for someone with an elegant but simple style, this is perfect. You can see more on this site: for different classic ring styles of engagement rings 

Oval Halo

If you’re looking for a ring with a bigger size than normal, this may just be the right one. Since they’re elongated, these rings appear bigger than others of the similar carat weight. It has a vintage look which can make some women feel on top of the world.


This ring is decorative artistic and unique. It has intricate detailing that gives it a dramatic look. It’s great for people who have a unique style and love vintage jewelry.

Geometric Ring

These rings have more than one angular shape which makes them a statement piece of jewelry. The sharp edges enhance the brilliance of the stone and give a bold impression.  

What Diamond Cut Engagement Rings Are There?

Getting the right engagement rings isn’t really easy, but we are going to show you steps that will change that. But before we get into how you can pick the right one, let us first talk about how many diamond ring types there are and what they are called. 

diamond cut engagement rings

Round Cut

This is more popular than all of the other diamond rings. Since the roughness of the diamond is lost after cutting it into this shape, this type is a little bit more costly than the other ones. It is also the engagement ring with the highest sales. It comes in multiple sizes and suits every hand shape and because it’s just the right size. 

Oval cut

This is something like the first diamond ring we talked about. This is also as brilliant and attractive. Even though it isn’t as traditional as the popular round cut, it’s still suitable for every hand shape. This ring is great for people who want the elegance of the round diamond, only something more unique. It also appears larger than its real size because of its shape.

Princess Cut

This square shaped cut known as the princess cut was first brought in around 1970. It has an amazing sparkle and many facets. This is an alternative to the first ring type. This ring’s shape disguises the inclusions, making it very attractive in every size. The princess cut appeals to people who love contemporary jewelry.

Marquise Cut

This cut looks like two halves of an oval joined together. Looking for something sophisticated? Then this might just be the perfect one for you to pick. Marquise is a title that is given to someone above a count. These marquise cuts were worn by courtiers to symbolize their rank. Its long surface offers this ring its own unique style.

Pear Shaped Cut

This an amazing combination of the oval and marquise cut. This is also referred to as a teardrop diamond because of its point top and round bottom. This pear shaped cut is an enchanting vintage styled cut. While this is good on most people’s hand types, it is best for those who have short hands. 

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut flashes light unlike the princess or round cut diamonds. Its large facets give it a kind of mirror effect when you look into the stone. This ring is getting more and more popular over the years. This is the perfect shape for people with wide or short hands.

Cushion Cut

This is square with round corners. Before the first round diamond cut was introduced, this was the most popular diamond ring. With a combination of vintage and modern beauty, this diamond ring is attractive because of its design and sparkle. The cushion cut diamond ring is best suited for those who have wide fingers. 

What Type of Ring Should I Get

Well this will depend solely on your bride-to-be’s style. We are going to walk you through the steps of how you can get the right ring. 

type of ring

Find Out Her Style of Jewelry

Your future bride might own a lot of jewelry, so ask yourself questions such as:

Does she wear simple things like lockets, pearl or stud diamond earrings or whatever goes with what she has on?

Does she like yellow or white metals?

Does she have a preferred color or gemstone?

Does she choose bold pieces of jewelry that people talk about?

Are there any jewelry family heirlooms that she wears a lot?

Define Her Style

Spend time observing your future wife’s choice of fashion. However, don’t be so obvious about it or she’ll know something is going on.

For example, what does she like? Is it…

Bold styles: high heeled or platform shoes, or bright tunics?

Classic styles: tweed jackets, T-shirts with jeans, slacks and basic skirts, and sheath dresses?

Feminine styles: maxi skirts, ruffled blouses, sundresses, or delicate sandals?

Edgy styles: funky shoes, vintage clothes, or rockabilly looks?

It’s true that most women mix all these styles. But that said; the ring you pick should be suitable to her lifestyle. For instance, smaller stoned rings might be preferable for an athletic person. While a person with a bold sense of fashion might prefer a dramatic ring.

Ask for Suggestions

If your proposal is meant to be a surprise, it isn’t possible to ask your bride to be the type of ring she wants. However, there are other ways you can find out. Like, if you two are going to a restaurant you might see a jewelry store on the way. Slow down a bit as you are walking past the windows, then be attentive to the things she finds attractive. You could also ask people like her best friend, mother, sister, or aunt about her style. They can give provide you with a female’s perspective of what she might fancy. 

Start Narrowing Your Options Down

Start looking at the different options available based on what you have found out about her. So now, you will have to choose from: 

Engagement bands with inlaid diamonds, diamond solitaire rings, or engagement rings with side stones. 

Classic, vintage, or modern styles.

Gemstones, all-white or color diamonds.

Rose gold, white, or platinum.

A reputable jeweler should have the ability to take all the research you have done concerning your wife to be and recommend some rings for you.

Decide What Your Budget Is

Once you have followed all these steps, you will start understanding how much you need for a ring. This will help you in deciding what your budget is going to be. Knowing what you have enough money for and want you are willing to spend can help you decide on what you want to buy. 


And we have come to the end of this article. Just follow the steps we listed before and you’ll discover it’s not as hard as you think. Explore your future wife’s style, ask question and come to a conclusion on what you think will be best for her.  

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