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The Fascinating Science of Toe Rings

Toe rings are known to have a huge cultural and traditional significance in India and several other Southeast Asian countries. Mostly worn by married women, the practice of wearing these toe rings can be traced back to the ancient times. These little rings have always been connected with various symbolic meanings and hold a huge importance.

Toe rings are known by many popular names across different states of India- some people call it ‘Bichiya’ in Hindi, ‘Minji’ in Malayalam, ‘Metti’ in Tamil, ‘Kalungura’ in Kannada, ‘Masoli’ in Maharashtra. Not only that, every state even has their own specific style of toe rings decorated with motifs significant to their culture. While the name differs, one thing which remains constant is that toe rings are worn by women as a symbol of being married and are not to be removed throughout their lifetime. Traditionally, these silver rings are worn on the second toe of both feet. Although the modern conventions allow one to wear them on any of the toes according to one’s preference and liking.

History of Toe Rings

The earliest evidence of women wearing toe rings has its origin in India. More precisely in the epic of ‘Ramayana’, written by the poet, Valmiki, in the 4th century BC. The book mentions the use of toe rings as a decorative accessory worn by married women and brides. Women who wore toe rings on the same toe on both the feet were indicated as married.

Toe rings being a significant part of Indian culture, have also gained a lot of popularity in Western countries like the US. Wearing toe rings strictly for fashion purposes began to peak in the early 1960s and has since continued to rise in popularity among other cultures. The trend has and continues to gain traction because of its uniqueness and style. Toe rings are mostly worn with open foot sandals or flip flops.

The many health benefits of toe rings

Apart from its stylish end it is known to have a lot of health benefits according to Indian Ayurveda. In Fact Ayurveda follows a lot of principles as acupuncture, as both are also based on energies flowing through meridians. The point of wearing a toe ring is that it clears any blockages that are there at one’s acupuncture points.

The argument put forth by Indian culture is that all life force or ‘prana’ must be balanced in order to lead a healthy life. And the belief suggests that all life force runs down to one’s toes, thus toe rings are a symbolic way to achieve harmony in one’s body, mind and life.

While there is more need for research to substantiate this belief, it is also said that wearing toe rings can regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle. It is also said to relieve young women from the pain caused due to hormonal changes. While each ring is worn on the second toe, it not only makes the cycle regular but also dictates the intervals of the same.

As mentioned above toe rings are worn on the second toe, because of the belief that there is a nerve that directly connects to a woman’s uterus, thus aiding her to have a healthy reproductive system. It is believed to help women facing difficulties in their pregnancies.

Astrologically, wearing a silver toe ring can retain the effects of the moon on the mind and the body. As the moon is said to calm the body and the mind, silver toe rings are said to accelerate the process which is certainly helpful in today’s chaotic life.

Why are the toe rings made of silver?

It is very common knowledge that silver is a good conductor. Therefore it is said that if a woman wears toe rings, the silver used in them will flush out the toxins and negativities out of the body. Nowadays, toe rings are crafted in various metals like brass, iron etc. While they are cheaper than the silver ones, one should always pay attention to the fact that it is a foot jewellery, making it more prone to wear and tear.

Adjustable VS Fitted Toe Rings

When it comes to toe rings, it is mainly found in two different types- adjustable and fitted. Each has its own advantages, but ultimately the choice depends on your comfort level, budget and wearability.

While adjustable toe rings are the most preferred by women because of their affordability and can be worn by anybody despite the size issues, as “one size fits most”.

Fitted toe rings on the other hand are designed for more comfort and can be worn for a longer period of time in comparison to adjustable ones. But of course one needs to get them in the right sizes cause they might fall off while walking.

Miorah’s Toe Rings

These tiny trinkets are one of the most budget friendly accessories you can have. Miorah’s toe rings collection are not only affordable but also come with a durable make and finish. Available in a plethora of designs, like in plain sterling silver, studded with CZ stones, enameled ones our toe rings are definitely made to suit every style of yours.

Miorah’s toe rings are a thoughtful fusion of comfort and style that is very much praised by our customers.

Styling Miorah’s toe rings

Miorah’s toe rings are the type of jewellery that goes both with traditional as well as western outfits. When wearing casual wear, go for toe rings made from non metals like the beaded ones or the sleek designs of silver. To accompany your traditional looks you can choose the intricate designs. For bridal looks, go for the traditional ornate designs with gemstone embellishments.

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