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10 Garden Design Tips That Will Make Your Garden Blossom

We all love having an outdoor area where we can lounge, relax, and enjoy beautiful weather. But to be honest, no one likes maintaining it. When was the last time you gave a bit of TLC to your outdoor garden? Probably a while ago. Luckily, we have some tips that will help you act strategically, and upgrade your garden’s appearance step by step.

Set the Color Scheme

In case you are remodeling or want to revamp your garden, that is the perfect occasion to think about paving. Material and color-wise. A perfectly curated garden has to be harmonic, and everything has to be in balance, including colors of plants and paving material. If you opt for gray stone, keep in mind that it goes well with purple and yellowish flowers. Reddish brick tones go well with greens and pastels, while black paving needs some intense orange and red tones.

Planting Scheme

Planting Scheme 

If you care about aesthetics and harmony, you can’t just randomly plant flowers everywhere without thinking about their size and color. You need to make a scheme before you start planting. It can be a simple drawing in color, to showcase how your garden will look once everything blossoms. Try creating a pattern that repeats throughout the garden, use greenery as a base, and then play around with arranging flowers.

Do Not Forget About Seasons

Keep in mind that not all the plants blossom at the same time. You can find year-round plants, but you can also incorporate plants for each season so that you always have something going on in the garden. But if this is your first year, focus mainly on spring and summer bloomers. And then, as the seasons change, you can add more appropriate plants.

Embrace the Boundaries

If your garden is small, then the fence certainly represents an eye-catching element and steals the show without really doing any favors. The best way is to merge it with the rest of the garden by relying on climbing plants. Or, if it is a wooden fence, paint it in white, and hang some hanging flower pots, lanterns, or creative metals as decoration.

Light It Up

If you want to spend some time outside during the evening hours, it is important to have proper lighting. You can play with fairy lights, lanterns, etc. If there is enough room, you can install an outdoor stone fireplace, which will be perfect for cozy nights outside.

The Water Element

If space allows you, you can add a miniature pond with a few fish, or a fountain. This is something that is also recommended by Feng Shui, which literally means, water and wind. It is recommended that water is flowing or moving, and it has to be clean. It is considered that it can increase the flow of Chi energy.

The Seating Area

The Seating Area 

This is the place where you will spend the majority of your time, so think about the materials of your outdoor furniture, how you will maintain it, etc. It is always better if you can have some type of gazebo covering that area. It will protect you from the sun, and it will also protect the furniture from bad weather.

Vegetables and Herbs

One of the perks of having your own garden is that you can plant the herbs and vegetables you need. You can rely on garden boxes to organize everything and create a functional space. This can also look very chic if you add small signboards that say something about the plants in each box. Your garden can be a mix of both colorful flowers and vegetables. You just have to think about everything carefully.

Sculptures and Decoration

Sculptures and Decoration

You can use sculptures that work as fountains, sculptures in the shape of animals, etc. It is essential to accessorize your garden with style by adding details that will enhance its overall appearance. Do not go over the top, and do not use too many colors; flowers are colorful enough. Whitestone sculptures are always a safe choice, as well as metals.

Go Green

Many cannot imagine a garden without flowers in several colors. However, lush green gardens are trending, and they look surprisingly good. Different textures, leaf sizes, shades of green, all make your garden look more zen, and it gets even better in the fall when the leaf colors start to change. You can also opt for only white flowers and greenery, or only orange, etc.

The Bottom Line 

A beautiful garden requires some dedication and care, but once you see the results, you will love gardening and planting. It is also a very calming activity, so if you had a stressful day at work, dedicating some time to the plants will help you calm down. We hope our tips for designing a garden-inspired you to dedicate more time and love to your outdoor area. It’s crucial to think about wildlife control so you don’t have problems with wildlife intruding your home.

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