A Brief Guide to High Torque Impact Wrenches

An impact wrench is usually seen or found in a mechanics workstation. Looking back in the ancient days an impact wrench was usually powered by air. Therefore only professional mechanics used it. This was because the price of an air compressor that was used to power and function the range was a huge investment. But with the passage of time and technological advancements,  we now have battery powered impact wrenches as well. These battery powered devices and now a much better option for normal individuals to invest in and even for professional mechanics.

A cordless high torque impact wrench  is now a viable option for many as its portability makes it one of the best choices. If you are new to the world of mechanics are you just exploring the different devices that are available in the market then you might not know about  a high torque impact wrench. Therefore we have put together this brief guide to help you understand what an impact wrench is used for and how it works.

How does an impact wrench work?

From driving screws to drilling holes, an impact wrench is designed specifically to fulfill all the needs that come under these categories. From loosening to tightening nuts head bolts and screws, an impact wrench is the best tool to use.

The torque of the impact wrench is very important to determine in order to invest in the right tool. And your investment will go to waste if you do not know how to control this tool. The biggest advantage of a high torque impact wrench is that the torque does not send the blows towards your hands, wrists or fingers. They are Transferred directly to the fastener.  Therefore the reactionary torque motion and twists that usually feel by using a traditional drill are not experienced  in a high torque impact wrench.

Understanding Batteries and Volts

It is understandable that a higher voltage Will give you more power. but the question is;  do you really need high power for every task?  definitely not!  This is where compact impact wrenches come into action.  These are powered by smaller batteries and are exceptional for managing smaller tasks. It is also great to attend to tasks in a tight space. An impact wrench. with 18 or 20 volts, is a good choice to make.

How to buy the right high torque impact wrench?

Lastly,  you must know no which impact wrench would be best for you.  To determine this you must Research and determine your requirements before making an investment.  Also, do consider whether you do need a high torque impact wrench in the first place or not. Many times, people do not need an impact wrench and invest in one aimlessly. Therefore evaluate your need for an impact wrench and invest in one accordingly.

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