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How to Boost Domain Authority to Increase Traffic?

The internet is the most effective means of marketing for any business in the current century. You cannot ignore the role of the internet in the expansion of your business. Or you can earn a good sum of money through Google Adsense. It is so simple to start on a website these days. But you need serious efforts to make a big impression in the cyber world. Once you have built your website you will have to increase your domain authority. You can check DA of your website at the domain authority checker.

What is Domain Authority and Why Do You Need to Increase it?

Domain authority checkers use a method to calculate the visibility of a website on the search engines. It depends on three major aspects.

  1. How old a website is?
  2. What is the Internet reach of the selected website?
  3. How much content the selected website contains?

DA may seem a technical term to most of us. But trust me it is a simple method to check the performance of a website in relevance to the search engines. Increase in domain authority of a website will help you to boost your ranking in a search engine.

How Can You Check Domain Authority?

Now you know what is DA and why you need to increase it. Now let us have look at how can you check the DA of any website. You can check DA on the website of Prepostseo DA Checker. Prepostseo is a pioneer who built domain authority tool. It offers different tools for Seo and websites. On the website, you can easily use the domain authority checker tool.

Open Site Explorer. You will get a complete overview of the DA of your website. OSE checks DA on the measuring scale of 1-100. Higher score at the DA scale shows high traffic and high ranking of a website at search engines.

Steps to Boast Domain Authority in One Month

DA is not an alone factor but is dependent on several factors. You can say that DA refers to the behavior of search engines with respect to the visibility of a website. Here is what you can do to increase your DA in a single month. These are the four most important practices for DA improvement.

1. Optimization and Activity of Your Website

You cannot ignore the value of search engine optimization. Seo determines how your website will get traffic through search engine results. You have to optimize the content of your website to increase its visibility. You can use relevant keywords and meta links for optimization.

You should understand that your content has to be informative and appealing to your audience. Content is the blood of any website. If you choose to ignore uploading content regularly, search engines will also ignore your website. Well, you cannot anything on your website.

The content should be of good quality and unique in nature. Have you ever noticed how ants are attracted to the sweets? Good content attracts the audience to your website. If your website keeps on offering high quality and plagiarism free content internet traffic will be directed to your website automatically.

2. On Page Seo optimization

On Page Seo is defined as optimization of individual web pages of a site. On page Seo helps you rank web pages of your website to get more internet traffic. You can optimize both the HTML source code and content of a single page. Let me show 5 things to use On Page Seo to its maximum potential for your web pages.

  1. Start the Title of your web page with the keyword.
  2. You should add modifiers to your title. Modifiers add dimension to your title. For example, you are doing a product review of the latest model of a household appliance. You can add its model and year of the release. This practice will give you more organic reach at search engine results.
  3. The keyword is a priority word related to any topic. Search engines show results to the users relevant to the provided word or phrase. The most frequently searched word or phrase becomes the keyword. Your keyword should be used in the first 100 words of your content.
  4. You can add relevant images and animated images to make your content more attractive.
  5. You can add outbound and external links to your webpage to enhance its visibility at the search engine.
  6. You can highlight the main points of a topic to increase the readability of your content. You must use heading tags to like H1, H2, H3 and so on to facilitate your audience.

3. Internal Linking of a Website

Internal links help you to achieve the higher DA easily. They are the hyperlinks which direct the user to  other web pages of the same website. Your website will not be considered Seo friendly if its internal link structure is weak. Look carefully at the term website.Let us divide it into two syllables ie. web and site.

The first word web literally means a netting or a network. It means the word website means a place where you can find a network of relevant pages. If you look at the top 10 websites in terms of DA. These websites have thousands of internal linking domain roots.

Internal links allow the search engines to access the linked pages of a website more easily. Easy accessibility of the linked pages helps the search engines to rank your webpages.

4. Backlinking Structure of a Website

A backlink is basically a connection between two different websites. Visibility of a website on a search engine hugely depends on its backlinking structure. You may be thinking for a way to include thousands of backlinks to your website. Wait a minute, backlinks are not generated overnight in numbers.

You have to work hard for a proper backlink network. When you add a backlink it must have a follow tag.A backlink with no follow tag is useless for a website. They will not add any value to DA of your site.

Some sellers Sell backlinks within minutes. These resources offer bogus links which do no good for your website. Do you really think Websites like Google and Blogger use bogus backlinks?  The answer is absolute no. These websites work hard to generate these external backlinks.

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