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How Important Is It for Your Business to Have a Driver’s License?

While for some people the question of being a driver is a choice of a lifestyle, for future entrepreneurs, it can be a lot more. You see, owning a vehicle can make a massive difference when it comes to the performance of your business. You can use it for branding, boost your public image with it, make your driving habit a lot cheaper by listing it as a business expense, etc. Now, as of lately, there are numerous rumors about being able to legally operate a car on public roads even without a license, which is as far from the truth as it gets. With that in mind and without further ado, here’s just how and why is it so important for your business that you have a driver’s license.

Getting a corporate vehicle

Having a car might have always been a goal of yours and even though it may not have been a goal that’s as hard to obtain, buying a corporate vehicle is still somewhat more cost-effective. Why? Well, because you can list it as a corporate expense and get a part of the purchase deducted as a business investment. The same goes for various additional tax benefits like depreciation and cost of gas. All in all, when including the purchase of a company vehicle into your business plan, you need to know who will be the person driving it the most. Here, a driver’s license plays a pivotal part.


The first and the most obvious reason for owning a vehicle/having a driver’s license as an entrepreneur is for the purpose of transportation. Imagine a scenario where you’re running a one-person hairdresser enterprise. Provided that you don’t have a car or a driver’s license, you would be restricted to your own salon/home. This is fine for some, however, there are others who would love to be able to branch out a bit or diversify their offer. Needless to say, this is just one of many such examples.

A delivery system

The next thing you need to understand is the fact that having a driver’s license and a business vehicle gives you a chance to deliver your goods to the location in question. Keep in mind that the mileage that you take for this delivery may also count towards both your work hours (if you’re a one-person startup) and be a business expense in terms of gas. Having your own delivery system is incredibly important for your business model.

It’s a business decision

One more thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that this is a business decision and, as such, it needs to be seen through the concept of ROI. When buying a car, you can’t make an emotion(desire)-based decision – you’re making a rational resolution that needs to be cost-effective and sustainable in the future. The same goes for taking driving lessons. Instead of just opting for the first offer that you encounter, you might want to compare driving schools and instructors first to see which solution is best for your ROI. Plus, the option of booking EzLicence driving lessons online means that you can save a lot of time as well.

Your own image

You see, using public transportation or cycling to the place of the meeting can give out the impression that your company is not doing so great. Sure, sometimes, you may want to send a message that you’re a frugal or eco-friendly business, in which case, this is completely opposite; however, more often than not, what you’re aiming for is the aura of professionalism and prosper. Of course, you may not have enough to get yourself a personal driver but the model of the vehicle that you’re arriving in may create the impression that you’re either struggling or doing better than most.


As a small enterprise (one-person startup or a small family business), you won’t get many opportunities to spread awareness of your brand in the offline world. Sure, you can give ads in the local newspapers, pay for TV commercials and advertise your business via a local radio station but those with a driver’s license and a corporate vehicle can do one more thing. What you can do is print a logo of your enterprise on the side of your vehicle, thus promoting your business wherever you go.

All in all, even if some of the above-listed don’t seem as appealing, it’s quite undeniable that merely getting a license (even without investing in a corporate car) can give you a lot more options than you currently have. In other words, it’s definitely something that you need to plan towards in the nearest future.

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