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8 Lessons You Can Learn From Life in the Military on a Base Tour

When you think of the military, barbed wire and grumpy people probably come to mind first. But there’s much more to life in the military than stereotypes might suggest.

So, in this article, we’ll shed some light on the matter and discuss what you might learn from a base tour with the military.

Let’s dive in!

1. Know Your History

Every country has roots, and the United States is no exception. In fact, this country’s history is rich and full of engaging encounters. So, what better way to delve deeper into its rich past than to travel to the very places where it took place?

A good example is a tour at Pearl Harbor Station. While looking around, you’ll be introduced to one of WWII’s turning points. The tour will explain what life in the military was like during these dangerous times and how it impacted the world.

2. Choose a Career Path

Another lesson you can take from a military base tour is an obvious one – you might be enticed to join. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Being inspired to step out and serve others is a noble cause, yet it should be done after careful consideration. Perhaps you should visit one of the military academies to make up your mind?

Part of what these tours do is explain what you can expect from your future studies. They’re also a great place to ask any questions you have about a career in the military.

3. Pay Respects

People sometimes take military tours because they want to pay respects to those who defend them.

It’s one thing to know you are being protected; it’s another to face it head-on. Why not take a tour of West Point or Pentagon? There you’ll find more about what it takes to be in the military.

Once you understand how harsh life in the military could be, you’ll no longer take the service for granted. It can be beneficial for both serving citizens and regular people. Newfound respect will instill essential values in a person, and that’s always good!

4. A Chance to Deepen Your Knowledge

It’s not only war-related insights you can glean from these tours. It’s a given that you’ll be exposed to the unpleasant business of war. But that’s not all you’ll gain from the experience.

Life in the military can lead to achievements in academics. This, in turn, can open new paths for a person, since he or she will be disciplined and prepared. Of course, this mostly pertains to those who choose to attend military academies.

If you wish to focus on the tours only, the knowledge might be a bit more superficial. Maybe you have some interest in naval matters? Or perhaps planes are your passion?

Well, why not take a tour in a corresponding military base to further your understanding?

5. Understand the Danger

Military tours could be more than a passing fancy. Some of them can teach you about the real and present danger we often forget about. One of the best examples is missiles sites, where you can learn more about how dangerous an arms-race is.

This is an extreme example, but every museum or toured facility can teach much the same.

War isn’t just something you see in movies, it’s real and present – and once you’re familiar with life in the military, you might get better acquainted with world conflicts as well.

6. Engage in the Culture

Now, it would be unfair to say that the military base tour guide system is aimed towards war only. Far from it, actually. There are plenty of events and celebrations you can attend, both as a visitor and as an active member of the military.

Sports games, parades, and museum visits show that life in the military isn’t all doom and gloom. For example, West Point hosts a variety of fun events and music performances.

So, if you want to see another side to the seemingly strict profession, why not take part in a special guided tour? Broadening your horizons is never a bad thing!

7. Gain Pride in Your Achievements

One of the often-overlooked lessons you can learn from touring military bases is pride.

You’ll face stories and deeds that show incredible strength of character. None of the people displayed in these museums or those talked about during the tours gave up on their duties. Needless to say, this can inspire visitors to do better in their day to day lives.

Of course, some might argue that newfound pride is only temporary, but a tour in a real military base might have an undeniable impact. Just step behind the walls of the Pentagon, and you’ll be amazed by their dedication.

8. Change is Constant

One last thing of note: when you tour the bases and see what life in the military was and is now, you’ll see that no war lasts forever, no conflict is endless and that society adapts and learns.

It should breathe some optimism into your life. No matter how hard the times might be, they won’t last forever.

Ready to Learn About Life in the Military?

All in all, touring military bases can be an eye-opening experience, as well as a fun outing. If you have an interest in this field, or desire to know more about life in the military, tours can give you a new perspective.

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