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Tips that may be useful for you to play World of Warcraft Classic comfortably

WoW Classic – relaunch of one of the most popular updates for World of Warcraft – Wrath of The Lich King.

Once upon a time, in the early 2000s, World of Warcraft was experiencing its peak form and occupied one of the leading positions in hardcore and PVP MMO RPGs.

Gradually, everything changed, and almost every game received a development bias towards the arcade and the developers had to think about how to attract players who love easy and dynamic gameplay, but at the same time not lose players who prefer hardcore, but who are in the minority.

Thus began the era of restarts and remasters of all the most popular projects where the basic mechanics of that time were mixed, but with updating of the best features, ideas and interfaces of modern versions.

This is how World of Warcraft Classic was born.

Key tips on WoW WOTLK that can help you

Now you don’t have to play only for the Horde

Previously, the Horde faction had a significant advantage in territories and races represented, which made it a priority for players to choose, while the Alliance was chosen more by fans and ideological players.

But after a series of updates that the project went through and the situation was stabilized, and now it makes no difference which side of the conflict you play for – WoW Classic boost and farm raids are needed by everyone and PVP will take place without noticeable advantages.

Level up through a combination of quests and grinding

To get a full-fledged and cheap WoW classic boost, you need to use all the possibilities available for this, since WOTLK is a very complex project because it uses modern mechanics, but the emphasis is on hardcore and slow and thoughtful gameplay in which you need to get equipment and weapons that will be with you for a long period of time, and professions play a special role – much more than in the main version.

Always focus on quests as a stable source of experience for any class. Regardless of whether you play as a support or an attacking hero, quests will bring you the same amount of experience, the only difference is in the completion time, which depends on the damage.

The only difference is that it is advisable for healers and other supports to team up with warriors and other classes who will benefit from treatment in exchange for stable farming and WOTLK boost at a more accelerated pace.

Quests can be main, also called story quests, or secondary. The second version of quests is more common, and the locations are literally overflowing with such assignments.

Minor quests can and should be combined with large tasks in order to complete many tasks in one location and gradually switch to grinding in order to squeeze out the maximum benefit and then, after running out of resources and profit from monsters, go to the city, turn in all the quests and receive rewards.

It is worth clarifying and reminding once again that in WOTLK there are very strong restrictions on experience and the game level will take much longer, but the maximum profit and enhanced World of Warcraft boost can be obtained precisely through a combination of all the mechanics, or at least the main quests and grind.

Don’t underestimate secondary quests – they are completed quickly and often give a minor reward, but since you are still on the location and kill all the monsters, why not get the entire potential reward, which is converted into the maximum available experience, gold and resources.

Choose a profession that suits your class

The fact is that during WoW classic boosting, you can farm resources and upgrade professions, but it is important to choose a specialization that will greatly help your hero.

It’s not difficult to choose:

Mining and Smithing if you focus on heavy armor and steel weapons, and also want to mount sockets for additional gems with unique stats.

Skinning and leatherworking – suitable for archers, robbers, shamans. Heroes who focus on leather armor for their character.

Tailoring and jewelry – since the mechanics of sewing fabrics itself is the only profession that does not require special knowledge to obtain materials for blanks, and this empty slot can be used for any related and useful craft. Jewelry making will help you craft orbs as a type of magical weapon and jewelry to protect against magic and negative effects.

An alternative could be inscription – the skill of creating staves and working with reagents.

Use PVP as a source of hero boost

It doesn’t matter whether you like battles against other players or not, WoW is built on the confrontation between two factions, which means it places a stable emphasis on PVP.

You can engage in battle with any race that is part of the general faction of your opponents, and for defeating such heroes, you will receive coins of valor – special incentive bonuses for killing an enemy who has an equal or higher level than you.

Accumulated coins can be spent on obtaining equipment and weapons, which have bonuses exclusively in PVP, and in PVE and WOTLK, boosting is simply a high attack rate without other bonuses.

Go on raids for experience and equipment

World of Warcraft has a stable system of raids that require a high level of teamwork from players to achieve the goal and provide the opportunity for each player to receive their own random reward.

You need to look for an opportunity to get into the raid in any way, especially if the composition is formed correctly – there is a tank and a healer and attacking heroes with strong damage to the boss – warriors, archers, and so on.

You will have access to three formats of such raids – normal, heroic and mythic.

The regular format should be visited immediately, because, firstly, it is a guaranteed increase in equipment based on the boss level and the opportunity to receive more valuable items if you manage to complete all subsequent difficulty levels and receive legendary equipment.

Be prepared for the fact that the normal format will be quite simple and will help you get to know the boss and understand all his basic attacks and strengths, which will be developed in future increases in difficulty.

The heroic difficulty level can be called transitional and another way to get valuable armor and weapons for your hero. The boss’s damage will increase, as will his health and defense, to make the raid more challenging.

The Mythic format is the most difficult and most profitable among all, since it adds the greatest chance of getting valuable legendary equipment, with good parameters that will significantly increase the player’s potential for World of Warcraft Classic boost and future grind.

Be prepared for the boss to literally go on a rampage – use his skills more often, more powerfully and in less obvious ways to increase the likelihood of causing your raid to fail.

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