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Psychology Courses In Ireland—The Best Colleges To Pursue Your Dream Of Becoming A Psychologist

Did you know that psychology is the third most popular college major across the world. The study of psychology provides you with an in-depth insight into the workings of human mind and allows you to understand your and others’ behaviors and motivations better.

Picking psychology as your career path can help you make a difference in others’ lives and add value to human society. Before you rush off to research appropriate psychology courses in Dublin, reading this blog can provide you with a helpful starting point for your college and career research.

Why should you think of picking psychology as a career path?

Unlike popular opinion, studying psychology does not restrict you to only that field. A degree in the subject can also lay the groundwork for a successful career in many other disciplines and give you important transferable skills like analytical ability.

Here are the top advantages of choosing psychology as your career.

  1. You will gain important academic and professional abilities like excellent research skills.
  2. You’ll be able to learn and introspect about yourself and others.
  3. You will gain powerful soft skills such as empathy and good listening abilities
  4. You can improve your conflict resolution and communication skills

What kind of career prospects can you look forward to as a psychology graduate?

As a psychology graduate, you can look forward to plenty of career prospects which include options like:

  1. Career counsellor
  2. Occupational psychologist
  3. Health psychologist
  4. Human resource manager
  5. School counsellor
  6. Social worker
  7. Professional therapist
  8. Life coach

Why should you look for appropriate psychology courses in Ireland?

The value of your psychology degree can increase multi-fold if you pursue it from a decent university in a developed country. Ireland offers many important benefits to aspiring psychologists that they might not get in other countries.

These advantages include:

  1. Excellent academic standards in Irish colleges
  2. Ability to earn well as an international student
  3. Reasonable cost of living and high living standards
  4. Largest number of native English speakers in the world
  5. Plethora of work opportunities after graduation
  6. Ability to visit other member countries of the EU on an Irish student visa

What are the best colleges to study psychology in Ireland?

Psychology is a popular programme offering that you would find in most Irish universities and colleges. However, pursuing the programme from a renowned university can enhance your career prospects and give you a good boost.

Here are the top colleges that offer good psychology programmes in Ireland.

  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. IBAT College Dublin
  3. University of Limerick
  4. Dublin City University
  5. University College of Dublin
  6. National University of Ireland Galway
  7. University College of Cork

Choosing any of these colleges can ensure you receive top-notch training to be a qualified psychologist in a short time. Start checking the entry criteria of these Irish colleges from today to establish a successful career in psychology.

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