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How to Select the Perfect Knitted Tops for Your Body Shape

You try knit tops at Billy J that looked stunning in the shop window, but you think it looks terrible. Sounds familiar to this? Well, that doesn’t mean that your body is wrong. You just don’t dress according to the contour of your physique. But don’t worry – we have some advice at Bright Side on wear to make your body seem the finest.

What to see in a dress?

Consider your tail definitely a focus when choosing a knit tops at Billy J for any occasion. You already have incredible curves, so you want to emphasize and define them. An open or V-neckline helps to extend your overall appearance. If you like, you can create the illusion of an hourglass form by adding volume to your upper body (such as an ugly or puffy sleeve) so that it balances with your lower body, which is somewhat wider. You can also attempt a two-tone dress with brighter colors or patterns to bring your attention to your torso and balance the silhouette.

Five most prevalent bodily forms

We split it down to the five most frequent body forms:

Rectangle body shape

If your measurement of your waist is not that different from your hip or bust, you have the shape of your rectangle! This is where you want this tail to be defined and an illusion created that you have a tail. How? Search for any elements that define the tail, such as a waist belt, a jacket or blocking color pieces to split the rectangle.

Spoon with your shape and add volume to your top and bottom body by wearing shoulder construction elements (e.g. a puff sleeve, or a single-shoulder shirt) and knit tops at Billy J, a flaring skirt, or wide-leg jeans to accentuate the curves.


The figures of the hourglass are curved and the bust is proportionate. Individuals with this sort of anatomy have an upper body which with its leg length is termed “balanced.” Hourglass bodies have also well-defined waists and should be stressed on this asset!

Best clothes for you: Search for dresses with:

  • V-necklines
  • Open necklines
  • Taped waistlines
  • Tops for shape fitting


If your physique has a banana shape, you have almost similar dimensions of shoulder and bust, and waist. Your guidance will concentrate on generating the illusion of a larger tail and exposing your gorgeous shoulders.


Apples have a bigger bust than the rest of the body – and many of us like it. Apples are also often referred to as oval body forms.

Your advice is intended to enhance the length of your body or high heavy equipment that shows your busts’ shape.

Pear Body shape

The body of a pear is entirely in the bottom of your body. Visually, your ass and thighs are larger than your upper body. Make room for that basis, therefore, people. This body is currently a rage, thanks to Kim Kardashian and others. You’re fortunate if you naturally have such a figure or have attained this with workouts. It’s the best pants for pear-shaped small ones.

The benefit of this sort of physique is that, if you are styled appropriately, you can produce an hourglass figure illusion. Your shoulders are tight and your hips are wide. You only have to strike a balance. Or, wear knit tops at Billy J and outfits that improve your lower body work well.

How can you measure yourself?

Of course, if you want to understand the shape of your body using the calculator, you will need to measure yourself.

So, how exactly do you do that?

Shoulders – measure the entire top of a shoulder

Bust – measure your bust in its entirety. Hold the tape firmly but not so tight that you squeeze your bust to acquire a smaller measure than you should.

Waist – measure around your waist’s smallest section, usually right above your belly button.

Hips – start at a single hip and wrap the tape in the broadest section.

You might need someone to help you get precise measurements.

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