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3 Smart Things You Can Do With Your Android Phone Camera

Android smartphones come with a wide variety of opportunities that make your life a lot easier and convenient. There are many applications available on Google Play Store that Android users can download and use in order to use their smartphones to its full potential. Moreover, the camera of the latest smartphones is highly enhanced with dual focus features so that you can capture each and every moment of your life in HD. There are many different companies that offer smartphones with the Android operating system, like Google, Samsung, and Huawei etc. You can choose your smartphone by comparing all the companies and cellphone models with one another and get the one with the highest ranking.

Here are 3 amazing things that you can do with your Android Phone:

Translate Text

Google offers an application that goes by the name ‘Google Goggles’ and this application helps you translate foreign language text into the language that you understand. Moreover, you can also translate documents into your native language which means that you do not have to pay professional translators to buy their services. In order to translate the text, you need to drift the camera of your smartphone over the image with the content and take a photograph. Once you have captured the photo, Google Goggles will automatically detect the foreign language, interpret it, break it down and translate the content into your desired language. It is worth mentioning the fact that you will need an active internet connection to translate the text in real time. Follow this site to get one if you are facing problems with your current provider. Enjoy fast internet and translate text on the go from anywhere around the globe.

Scan Documents

There are various scanning applications available on Google Play Store that you can download and use to scan your documents. Now you do not have to buy a scanner or drive all the way to a scanner shop to scan your documents. Don’t have a scanner at home and can’t be bothered to go to the nearby store? No worries, document scanners like Adobe Reader, are very easy and simple to use and they convert your files into PDF format automatically.These applications enable you to scan images and detect the item to be scanned itself. When you have to scan a few documents, these applications can be very useful as well as helpful in terms of saving time and effort.

Check Your TV Remote

With the help of the camera in your smartphone, Android users can check if their TV remote is working fine or not.

When you are lazy and don’t feel like going down to the market for remote shopping, you can simply download this application and check your remote control. This can be done by launching the camera on your smartphone, take the remote control of your TV and point it towards the camera, and take a snapshot. If you see a pink or a red light coming from the sensor of the remote control, it means that the remote is working fine as the red light depicts infrared signals. In this particular case, you need to change the batteries of your remote with fresh ones as the old ones might have expired. However, if there is no such light coming from the sensor of the remote, then you will have to buy a new one as the remote would not be working. You can search for remote controls online or go down to the store to buy them.

Is Your Smartphone Secure?

Having documents and pictures in your smartphone raises the concern for security. You cannot afford to lose such sensitive information and let hackers manipulate you. Therefore, you need to enhance the security of your phone so that you can enjoy the aforementioned camera features with a peace of mind.

When it comes to the security of your smartphone, locking it with a password is the first thing that comes to mind because of it the simplest way to keep anything locked away. However, when it comes to online accounts, password management can get a little confusing because there are several accounts synced with your smartphone and it can become extremely difficult for you to remember all the passwords by heart. Therefore, you should use a password manager for generating and managing your passwords so that you never mix up the passwords of different accounts.

People often use the same password for every account, which can be very risky as the intruder will only have to crack one password and he will have access to all your accounts without going through much trouble. This way you can lose much more than just your data, so it is better to use different passwords for different sites and use a password manager for managing all the passwords.

So, enjoy these amazing camera features in your Android phone and make sure that you take into account all the security measures to keep yourself safe from intruders and other prying eyes.

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