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Taxi Dispatch System: A Quick And Efficient Way To Get The Most Out Of The Taxi Business

Do you employ a few human dispatchers, where each stays connected and communicates with 8-10 drivers over the phone call? Do the dispatchers allocate the jobs to the drivers manually? Did the drivers reach the pick-up point based on the knowledge of the streets? Do you keep track of the drivers by calling them? If the answer is yes, it’s truly abysmal.

The traditional approach soon makes your business an extinct species in the transportation industry, especially the taxi business. In the mobile age, conventional taxi booking and taxi dispatching are tossed out of the window as they are inefficient, expensive, time-consuming, and arduous to manage. They are good for no one, neither customers, drivers, nor the taxi dispatchers.

Blowing in the direction of wind of change can save your business, and help in increasing the profits, in addition to customer satisfaction, enhanced driver’s productivity, and improved brand awareness. Presently, the wind of change is the mobilization of taxi dispatch system and that’s why it’s taking the driver’s seat.

The taxi dispatch app has brought significant changes in the taxi landscape through the automation of every task that includes- taxi booking request acceptance, instantly dispatching the request to the drivers, and immediately sending the confirm booking message to the passengers while ensuring the same task won’t assign to the two different drivers or dispatching the booking request to the driver who is not available.

It’s a sign that moving the taxi business into mobile orbits is reward-worthy and lets you do more with the less and at speed, which is the crux of a taxi dispatch system for the taxi business.

Let’s see how a taxi dispatch system helps taxi business in a lot more ways:

Increase booking frequency

By freeing up the control room staff to allocate the jobs manually based on the area related knowledge, the number of bookings can be increased. The sophisticated automated system matches the passenger’s booking request with the idle taxi or available taxi in a couple of seconds through GPS location-based mapping and routing optimization, and then dispatch the request to the drivers.

The online taxi booking system eliminates the need of calling back-and-forth, which eats up a lot of time and enhances the passenger’s occupancy rate to a great extent. It’s advantageous for both- the customers who remain happy due to instant booking on-the-go and reduced response time, and the drivers who are getting more bookings, which means higher earnings.

Improve the quality of service

The software enables impeccable taxi management where drivers without sitting idle, they can find more passengers and easily pick up them; dispatchers can easily view and track the real-time status of the taxi dispatched without calling them; the customers can book the taxi at the fingertips and get the taxi to arrive at the pick up point without any delay.

The well-maintained taxi management system allows the taxi company to deliver second-to-none services along with instant customer support that builds trust in the brand.

It is the best TMS software that allows the taxi company to deliver second-to-none services along with instant customer support that builds trust in the brand.

Enhance operational efficiency

Taxi dispatch software is not about just managing the vehicles, instead, it provides the full visibility of all the operations. Post-job allocation, the taxi is tracked continuously till the passengers are picked up and dropped off at the desired destination to ensure the drivers are not sitting idle, reaching the pickup point at the right time and dropping off the passengers at the right location using the right route.

In this manner, the real-time updates, detailed reports, and continuous tracking improve the efficiency of the complex dispatch process and gives an extra edge to the company alongside ensuring passenger’s safety.

Optimum fleet management

With taxi dispatch solution deployment, not just vehicles, but the speed at which they are running and taxi’s maintenance can be tracked that helps in avoiding the accidents. Also, any malfunctioning in any parts of the vehicle can be detected at an early stage that further helps in preventing the misfortune or the huge damage it may cause later on.

Mitigate the safety anxiety

The mobile app booking assures the passenger’s safety as the company constantly monitor the taxi to ensure the safety precautions and the speeding limit is followed by the driver or not.

Streamline and automate payment processing

The rides have become cashless where the drivers can accept the payment through debit card, credit card, or other secured payment gateways that mitigate the risks of carrying a lot of cash in the pocket. The automated fare estimate generation by the app based on the distance covered eliminates the conflicts raised by the passengers for the unfair ride fare estimation by the drivers.

Continuous feedback to improve

Keeping a room for what passengers think about the services that the company offers is all-imperative in order to enhance the services, satisfy the passengers, and leapfrog the competition, which results in better ROI.

With feedback system in place, the passengers can provide the ratings and reviews at the end of the ride, which makes it easier to exact the problems faced by the passengers right from booking the trip on the mobile app to pick up and reaching the destination. Moreover, by resolving the issue, the company doesn’t just make sure it won’t happen again while building the loyalty as the passengers feel valued when their feedback is taken into account.

In a nutshell, with taxi software, the issue that can put a company’s reputation at stake, when resolved rightly can contribute to the growth of the taxi business.

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