Tips to Rid Your Home of Pest

“If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!”

There was a time when the neighborhood’s only problem is weird-look ghosts whose out to make their lives a lil’ more miserable, but today, oh my, ‘there’s something strange’ in the neighborhood again, but this time, they’re a lot freakier than what the Ghostbusters are busting.

According to the neighborhood, there was something ‘strange’ on their rubbish bins, septic tanks, open leach drains, beds, beddings, pipes, insulations and something strange on their animal furs. What could this be?


In this case, it will now be a Do-It-Yourself busting when it comes to ridding our home of different kinds of pests. At first, it might sound a little intimidating (and disgusting, eww), but we can actually take these things to our hands by using tried and tested ways to repel our unwanted visitors.

Here are the top tips you need to know when planning to eradicate these creatures that have taken refuge in your house for so long.


There is something in your house that attracts various kinds of pests, and this is where you should start. If you start with the pests, it will be nothing but an endless battle of pushing -them-away-and-they-return-again scenario. If what attracts them is still lying around your house, then you won’t get rid of the pests in your house, ever.

Ants, flies, and rodents are attracted to open garbages while stagnant water pulls in mosquitoes and termites. Decaying leaves, barks, or compost attracts ants and millipedes.

Home insulation is also a favorite place of pests for nesting and taking a large part of your house (not necessarily all), because, you know, they have respect for other pests, too.

Pests are also ‘attracted’ to cracks of any shape and sizes scattered around your house. Pests are highly skilled in searching for cracks in floors, walls and other surfaces. These ‘gateways’ are important to them to enter and exit in your home – and bring more of their kind inside and make your house as a breeding ground for them.

These breeding grounds can also be located at out-of-reach areas in your house, which might be too risky for you to handle. If this is the case, then it is best to delegate this task to pest control services, which has a strong team of pest experts that can handle and execute the risky job for you. They can work in any area, no matter how risky they can be, because they handle these extreme cases very well.


At last, you now possess the capability to take down an entire army! – the army of ants that is. If the ‘Army’ has become a pest in a certain home, then homeowners should implement solutions that can stop them and take them down for good. One perfect weapon against ants is the gel bait. No ants would surely resist taking a taste of this compound, not knowing that it is actually a poison to eradicate them.


By using a dehumidifier to maintain a 40 percent humidity, you can have the ‘power’ to eliminate spiders in your basement. It will only take weeks before the spider population in your basement reduces significantly.


This kind of cement blocks a large gap in our home’s foundation that serves as a ‘Grand Entrance’ for the army of ants to march inside our house. It only takes five minutes to set, and aside from blocking the ants’ entrance, it can even plug water leaking into the basement. That is how you hit two birds with one stone, in this case, a hydraulic cement!

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