How can Virtual Reality Effectively Train Truck Forklift Drivers

How can Virtual Reality Effectively Train Forklift Drivers?

One technology that is gaining popularity with each passing day is virtual reality. It is incorporating itself in all industries with a purpose to improve the production of the company and also increase the efficiency of work. There are several other advantages the businesses can gain from it.

How does the Technology of Virtual Reality works?

When you are searching for used forklifts for sale; it is most vital to know the whole working process of vitality reality; if they want their drivers to operate it accurately. There are two steps to the training.

  1. In the first step, the trainers have to sit in fixed and improve their driving.
  2. When they are ready then a moving simulator is used to perfect the techniques.

There are six phases of the working of VR technology.

Choose used forklifts for sale

The very first step to take is to choose which type of forklift you want to train for. There are several kinds to select from including; counterbalance, three- wheeled and four-wheeled, rough terrain, side loader, telescope handler and pallet jack to name a few.

Prepare the VR Simulator

After you have picked out the forklift; you have to prepare the simulator accordingly. Every forklift has its own system or functioning so carefully decide the simulator. The instructor has to open a specific program for the trainer to operate.

Connect with the System

The program must be attached to the simulator by means of a wireless system. The simulator is a forklift but the controls are different from an ordinary one. The forklift simulator can actually be driven in the specified training area with no concern for accidents.

Link it with the VR Headset

The headset of the VR simulator has also to be linked with the program. The trainers put on the headset and through it, they can see the environment that the instructors have selected for them. After wearing the headset the trainees have full control over the whole forklift simulator.

Begin the Training

Once everything is set the training can start. The trainees will actually drive the forklift but in an empty training area. The goggles will enable them to see the obstructions and other objects that are around in a place a work, but in reality, they are not there.

It is really important that you know the make and model of the forklift that you are buying from any well-reputed company like Bobby Park because you have to select the appropriate simulator for it.

Two main VR types

You can use two types of VR technologies to train the operators. The first one is used for initial training and the latter for advanced practice. If you think that only one is enough then you are wrong. Both have their individual features and advantages.

Virtual Reality through controls

In this first type, the trainer just sits in a chair or he/ she keep standing and use different controllers to move around the vehicle. But the forklift is not there in reality; it is just like a game in which the trainer will use joysticks and other equipment to operate the system. The operator can’t properly interact with the surroundings; just operating through a control board.

Physical interaction

This is used in a more advanced level of training. When the operators pass the first step then they become capable of dealing with VR along with physical interaction. The simulator is now actually a forklift that has almost the same controls but designed for virtual reality. The candidates have to really drive the forklift around but with the goggles on. They will see whatever the trainer wants to show them through the VR headset.

Benefits for Effective Training

Although the above whole discussion must have given you some idea of the plus points of the VR training it is crucial that a few more benefits are explained to make the concept clearer and understandable.

By-pass the Accidents

In an ordinary training session, there is a chance that the forklift can go out of control and trip over or bump into oncoming objects and people. The feeling and sensation are real but all the risks can be avoided.

The instructor can observe closely

Both types of simulators have the capacity to accommodate both the instructor and the trainee can be inside. The trainee can operate and the trainer can observe the whole process with detail. Or the instructor can keep an eye on the training through a computer.

Boost the focus and Morale of the Driver

When the candidates aware that he/ she is driving the forklift but there is less chance of an accident then it can boost the morale and focus of the trainee. He/ she will gain confidence that if any mistake did; it will not happen in reality.

Selection of candidates is improved

The task of driving used forklifts for sale is a little different because the vehicle is used and can have several difficulties. VR gives the companies a benefit that they can make a proper selection of the candidates who pass the simulator test.

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