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All Wedding Furniture Rentals Are Not Created Equal

If you are in the midst of planning a wedding, you have probably looked at dozens of venues, caterers and other services. Rental services are yet another hurdle to overcome in your planning. Take the time to do a little research and you can narrow down your search for wedding furniture rental easily. For something more unique, look to vintage rental services that offer gorgeous pieces in all kinds of styles. Here are some of the key things to keep in mind as you search for vintage rental furniture.

Specialty Furniture

If you plan to rent furniture, look for services that offer the specific types of furniture you are looking for. Some rental services might specialize only in glassware, or in seating. When searching for party rentals Los Angeles, make sure they offer what you need, whether you want a traditional buffet table or a set of vintage linens and a lace table runner. If you are planning on a Southwestern style wedding, for example, find Mexican textiles for your table runners and beach wicker furniture.

Curated Selections

The quality of the furniture offered by wedding rental options often depends on the curation. A wedding furniture rental service with a strong design team curating the items they offer will have a much better selection of vintage items, representing a range of eras and styles. Knowledgeable curators will also take care of their items better, ensuring that you get a selection of quality items that can last throughout your event. If the selection is full of quality furniture, you are more likely to find the vintage furniture of your dreams.

Design Teams

Not every rental company has a design team behind their curation and styling. Some do offer a team of designers and stylists, however, to help you incorporate their furniture into your theme and overall look. Skilled designers can help you make the best use of your rental items. Even when you have big plans for that credenza, a professional designer can help you arrange it along with the other furniture in the most pleasing and efficient manner. They can work with you on a concept and help you select furniture, or even be available on the big day to make sure everything is in place and styled to perfection.

Well-Aged Items

Vintage furniture rentals are increasing in popularity as vintage looks become coveted. Classic credenzas and bar tables add elegance to your wedding and look much better in photos than the furniture that comes with the venue. However, the effect is ruined if the rentals are in poor condition or show the effects of being used regularly at parties and events. Quality party rentals San Diego will maintain the items and keep track of their condition so you only get the best for your wedding ceremony and reception. Polished furniture that looks well-aged instead of just old will make a huge difference to your decor and the guests’ experience at your wedding.

For the best wedding furniture rental services, research your options carefully and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Those offering quality vintage furniture will be happy to help in any way they can.

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