How to Avoid Common House Renovation Mistakes

House renovations can be as exciting as they can be daunting. Whether you’re just touching up on your bathroom lighting or are going all out with your entire home, balcony canopy and all, it is very likely that you’ll make some mistakes along the way.

Now, nobody likes to make mistakes, but there’s a benefit to them – they serve as a learning experience. Thankfully, with the infinite supply of knowledge that the internet is, you have access to plenty of other’s mistakes to learn from. So don’t make these mistakes. Follow our guidelines and get ready.

Plan ahead

Going in guns blazing may be a good tactic if you’re at Tesco just before the holidays and need to get the best deals you can find, but in most instances, it’s much more advisable to take your time to plan everything out. The first logical step here is to decide on a budget, as many people get carried away with visions of their dream home that they forget to limit themselves. The result is usually a house in a state of perennial renovation as there are simply not enough funds to finish everything off. Pace yourself and plan every step of the renovation along with the cost. As long as you don’t stray from your plan, you’ll be fine.

Stick to your guns

Pinterest is a very popular platform to look for inspiration, but don’t let that, or any other site dealing with current trends, lose sight of what you want for your home. Sometimes decor trends just won’t go with every type of building, so making sure you preserve the integrity of the architecture is important – probably even more important than you might think, as it might affect resale value. Remember that trends come and go – try to make your home renovation be as timeless as possible.

Aesthetics are important, but a table sometimes needs to be just a table

You can cram in all the macro furniture, hanging fireplaces and coffee tables made out of sheer, rough rock that you want, but remember to ask yourself this question: “will I be able to live like this?” Someone has to clean all those things. Someone has to make sure they’re well-maintained, let they become stained and unsightly. Someone’s going to have to make sure you can manoeuvre around all these huge lamps easily enough to function on a day to day basis. That someone is you. And if you’d rather be a you that’s frustrated to no end with all the cleaning but at least they’re surrounded by nice things – well, your funeral.

Don’t skimp on materials

Remember how we mentioned proper planning on the start, emphasising the financial aspect of it all? This ties into that, as you need to consider how much money you want to spend on the renovation not only in the context of how much money you have, but how much you’re going to spend on your furniture. Of course, if you prioritise aesthetics over all else, you might find several pieces that will fit and be decently priced, but the thing is, they’ll most likely last for a very short time, and maintaining them properly will be a gruelling affair. Rather, think about buying less furniture, maybe even some less impressive-looking furniture if that means the materials used will be of better quality.

When in doubt – hire professional help

Professionals are there for a reason. No one will judge you harshly if you decide to move houses with the help of one of the many companies dealing with removals in Hillingdon. The same goes for renovation. Sure, you can do all the painting, tiling, and furniture arrangement on your own, but without the right experience, you might just get hurt, damage your goods, or just do a terrible job at it. You actually stand to lose more money than what you’d pay for simply hiring a professional to do it for you. So take that into consideration as you plan your renovation.

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