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Your Business Needs Signage Because of These 5 Things

What makes a business successful? Good products, kind employees, impeccable service, genius owner, a bit of luck, brilliant ideas? All that, and just one more thing. Last but never least is signage. Because how else are you going to attract new customers? Although we are online 24/7, people do not observe everything through the lens of their phone camera. We still appreciate good old traditional signs, and if the design is good, it is going to catch our attention for sure. So you see, although a lot of things happen online, we still want to see them in real life, to make sure they are real. That is why signs will never get out of use. They are here to remind us what’s around the corner when our battery is dead, or we are out of WiFi. It is a real-life navigation and promotion tool, and you need it, here is why.

1. Because It Shows People Who and Where You Are

Just imagine if there were no signs to point in any direction, the world would be a mess. Do you know how many people walk by your store every day without even noticing it? A lot. But when there is a sign ahead of them, showing that there is something interesting to their right or left side, they might take a look. Tomorrow they might come in to see what you have, and the next day, they will stop by to buy something. That is how it works. Signs increase the odds of impulsive shopping. But it is not just about that. Besides information, signs represent your business visually. They are a part of your brand’s identity and represent what your brand stands for. So they need to look beautiful and representable. You have a wide variety of custom made laser cut metal signs that can improve your business’ visibility, brand recognition, and help you attract new customers.

2. Because Being Online Is Not Enough

We spend too much time on our phones, but even teenagers have the need to go offline sometimes and enjoy real life. Promoting your business online is a great thing, and you should totally do it. But you cannot neglect other ways of marketing, including signs. Think about all those older adults and seniors who prefer reading something on a piece of paper or a sign, rather than searching for it online. You are missing out on a large group of shoppers if you are not advertising your business in the real world. People go for a run, they are jogging or riding a bike, crossing streets, etc. and during that time they are present, they observe everything around them, and your sign needs to be in their sight.

3. Because They Can Be Interactive

Passive ads where you just read a piece of information and move on are ok. But if you want to step up the game and get on the next level, your sign needs to be interactive, engaging, something needs to happen. And we are not just talking about digital signs. We are talking about signs and print ads that have the option to charge your cell phone through solar panels or to shift colors depending on the lighting. Those things show that ads can be funny, interactive, and much more than plain information. People will appreciate your effort for sure, and what is more important, they will remember it.

4. Because People Read Signs by the Roads

There are just not a lot of fun things to do when driving or when being stuck in traffic. People tend to look through the window and comment on what they see, so in between trees and cute clouds, there has to be a sign that says something good. Something catchy or funny, or even something split on multiple signs, so there is always that anticipation for the next one. Road signs are the best way to get attention because probably 90% of people will read them as there is not a lot of other things to distract them.

5. Because They Can be Anywhere

If you are running a small business, you probably have only one brick-and-mortar store, which is ok. But you need people outside of your street to know you exist. That is why your signs can be anywhere your store is not. Whether it is by the road, in the busiest street, or right next to your biggest competitor, signs can be all around the town, directing people to one particular place. It does not depend on the internet, and your target group is everyone, men and women of all ages, from all parts of town. How convenient.

The Bottom Line

The sooner people realize making that one-time investment in their signage is essential, the sooner their business will grow. There are certainly more than five reasons for investing in them, but we think this sums up the most significant advantages. And remember, online ads are not always the cheapest nor the best solution.

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