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Fitted Bedroom Furniture: What are the benefits?

If you are thinking about renovating your property, the bedroom is usually your main focus as it’s a space that’s integral to the heart of your home. Storage space is often the first thing you consider as storing clothes, bedding and other possessions is important when it comes to utilising the space you live in.

Fitted bedroom furniture is often a favourite choice due to the sleek aesthetic compared to freestanding furniture. Whilst most bedrooms aren’t the biggest room in the house, making use of freestanding furniture can clutter the space further so making the most of the room you have is important. Maximising your storage by using fitted bedroom furniture is a great way of increasing the amount of storage space you’re working with.

Bespoke to your space

Fitted furniture will always be bespoke to the space it’s being installed in, as it needs to fit the space perfectly. Your chosen supplier/designer will take exact measurements from your room, ensuring the chosen cabinet, drawer and wardrobes will fit. This is often a huge benefit of fitted bedroom furniture as most homes in the UK will have sloping bedroom ceilings and walls, making it hard to fit freestanding furniture.

Any trick areas like radiators, piping, skirting boards, wall trim and plugs etc. can all be accounted for making these obstacles non trivial as the fitted bedroom furniture can be designed around it. This leaves you with a seamless end result that you will be happy with for years.

Making use of fitted bedroom furniture will also result in more open floor space, as you will be complying with the way your home’s built in every way. From odd corners to sloping ceilings, fitted furniture is built to fit seamlessly into the room in question. This also opens up further options of room conversions, since lofts and attics will usually be hard to convert with conventional freestanding furniture. Fitted bedroom furniture can turn spaces that were otherwise uninhabitable into a second or third bedroom, breathing new life into your home.

Maximising your space

For the most part, fitted furniture is usually built wall to wall, floor to ceiling which makes the most of your space giving you as much storage space as you need. When planning with your designer, you can choose as much storage space you need, as well as integrating anything you need like a desk, drawers as well as shelving.

This means you’re given a space that is truly tailored to you, providing you with utility and form that freestanding furniture couldn’t give you. It’s objectively difficult to pair furniture in the bedroom as the look and feel of furniture will conflict, whereas fitted bedroom furniture blends both function and form into one.

A wide range of colours & finishes

Regardless of the design you’re looking for, you’ll be re-assured to know that most looks, styles and designs can be accounted for with fitted bedroom furniture. As the cabinetry is bespoke, you’ll be able to choose the design, colour and finish of your furniture to suit your preferences. If you’re going for a classic look, then you will also have the benefit of being able to choose the materials you’d like, from walnut, oaks and beech.

A space that’s truly yours

Whilst freestanding furniture does have its purpose, opting for fitted bedroom furniture can give you a wide list of benefits that you couldn’t get with conventional furniture. Being able to design your space with the help of a professional company empowers you to build a space that fulfils your requirements like no other space could. Whether you’re looking for more storage, or just looking for a space that pleases the eyes, fitted bedroom furniture is the option for you!

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