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How to Give Your Room a More Luxurious Look

Yes, a real luxury does come with an expensive price, most especially in rooms.

And you might say “Oh my, if a luxury bag alone costs more than a thousand dollars, what more can a luxury room cost?”

Well, we don’t want you to faint on thinking about the astronomical dollars you need to spend building the luxury room of your dreams.

But, there are ways on how you can make your present room a luxury-looking one. Today, bid a wave of goodbye to your dusty, bland room, and make way for a room fit for a king and queen!

Here are our top tips on how to exactly achieve it:


Ok, we haven’t been on any king or queen’s room, but we’re pretty sure that it’s not a mess and cluttered … just like yours. Nobody would certainly tell you that a luxury room includes crumbs, crumpled papers, 2-days-have-passed lunch plates, sweaty shirts on the floor, and an army of ants marching towards your crumbs. The luxury in this kind of room is dead, so give it a lifeline by removing all the garbage and everything that isn’t supposed to be in your room. Sweaty shirts should be on the washing machine; plates should be on the sink, uhmm? Should we go on?


Give further life to your room by putting some ‘greens’ in it. Having a plant, flowers and a beautiful vase inside your room gives it an unmistakably luxurious look. Finding the perfect greens for your room doesn’t have to be so expensive. Look for the nearest bargain shop and look for an inexpensive yet attractive plant/flower/vase trio for your room. It beautifies the room and cleans up the air inside it, what a great combo, right?


Hiring a wardrobe professional to customize your closet is certainly a dream come true, but it’s good to get in touch with reality that fast and see what you can do with your old and dusty wardrobe. There are many inexpensive ways on how you can give it a ‘luxury’ look without spending too much. You may add brass corners, adhesive wood strips, adhesive paper with ‘marble print’ (it will make your closet like a large slab of marble). Aside from that, you can spray your closet in gold or silver or use an old or new inexpensive wallpaper. Just for the meantime, while your ‘millionaire status’ is still ‘in-the-making,’ you may want to try these modifications for your wardrobe, so it can boost the ‘luxury feel’ inside your room.


If you have a small and boxy room, you may find it a bit challenging to make it as luxurious as possible, but you can do some small tricks with curtains and rods to make your room look higher. You can achieve this by raising your curtains. When your curtain rod is mounted just an inch below the ceiling and hangs on the floor, your room will look bigger and luxurious. Small tricks can certainly do some big things, right?


Crown moldings will certainly make a leap in giving your room a ‘luxury look. It’s just so elegant looking, and the good news is, you can buy adhesive crown moldings that can be installed in your room in minutes, but if you’re a DIY guy (or gal) who wants a customized crown molding, you’ll surely want to create a masterpiece out of your crown moldings that can make a big statement in your room.


A tray spray painted in silver or gold gives your room a wide object that shines in gold or silver, and it is just so luxurious-looking. This tray can be located at your tabletop or a place where you’re small to medium-sized items can be organized.

Use Real Flowers to add that Natural Aesthetic

Flowers are a great way to liven up the environment of any room or household. It also imparts a natural vibe to the entire atmosphere. You do not have to go anywhere to get the best flowers. You can easily get them delivered from the comfort of your home. It is so easy to buy flowers online Dubai by looking up websites, selecting the different flowers and even making the payments.

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