Opens Innovation Scholarship to Students

Herrman and Herrman, Texas Law Firm, Opens Innovation Scholarship to Students

Herrman and Herrman have announced that its innovation scholarship is open. Despite the difficult times, the US is experiencing right now, they still want to encourage personal growth and innovation.

That’s why the law firm came up with the idea of introducing an innovation scholarship. With the goal of encouraging young people to get creative and innovate, this is now the seventh year of competition.

The scholarship is open to students nationwide. With three prizes for students in Texas and three students nationwide, young people have the opportunity to win a total of $10,000.

Innovation Scholarship to Boost Creativity

It’s easy for students to apply for the scholarship. Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C, (Texas slip & fall law firm)  provides a prompt each year and students are free to respond to that prompt in any way they see fit.

They may provide an essay, poem, video, piece of artwork, or anything they can come up with to impress the judges. All the judges want to see is innovation and the most original entry will win the scholarship.

This scholarship has been a great success in the past. The firm has sponsored scholarships for students for the last six years in a row.

Students who want to enter have until December 1st, 2020 to submit their entries for this year’s scholarship.

Recognizing Teaching Staff for their Good Work

Herrman and Herrman believe in recognizing outstanding members of the community. All students who win a scholarship are able to nominate one of their teachers, who will receive a special prize.

In 2018, there were 3.5 million full-time and part-time teaching staff in the US, and this law firm says not enough has been done to recognize them for the incredible work they carry out on a daily basis.

Herrman and Herrman believe that during these trying times, even more, needs to be done to support the local community. They want to empower young people and reward brilliance and innovation, regardless of color or background.

Making a Difference

Much has been made of education costs in the US. Too little has been done, according to most observers, to make a first-rate education affordable. Those from poorer backgrounds are statistically less likely to succeed in life because they can’t afford to go to a great high school or attend college.

Herrman and Herrman have a history of making a difference. They have spent years supporting personal injury cases so people can get the compensation and justice they deserve.

When asked about their inspiration for this program, they stated that they want to do more to help people beyond simply providing legal services. They believe they have a moral duty to do everything they can to support communities throughout Texas.

The innovation scholarship is just one of the ways in which they want to make a difference. Recently, they have also handed out thousands of free face masks in San Antonio. They’re also helping to educate Americans about the coronavirus pandemic and what they can do to protect their communities from harm.

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