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3 Must-Have Applications for All Organizations

Many businesses today are running and monitoring applications on the cloud. There are quite a few different ways to go about this, and even apps available for monitoring apps.

If you remember the movie Inception, it’s a bit like the dream-within-a-dream motif; except in terms of applications. Infrastructure facilitated through the cloud expands potentiality and reduces costs.

There are a lot of applications available today because of cloud computing technology which stand to provide excellent business solutions for your operation. Following, three will be briefly examined. These must-have apps can save you time and money while expanding potentiality through operational enablement.


Clockspot is an application which allows you to consolidate payroll and other timekeeping functions with the click of a mouse. Some businesses have been able to totally outmode traditional payroll departments. Whether you can will depend on the size of your business, but especially for SMBs considering BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), can be key.


Slack is a cloud-based application which allows businesses from all over the world to work together. Basically it’s an instant messaging app that’s floated through the cloud, and designed for ease of use internationally. The app can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and most devices traditionally used in IoT application.

When you can consolidate communication remotely, this allows you to facilitate more effective BYOD operations. Between Slack and BYOD, you’ll have the ability to both communicate with and pay clientele for a variety of jobs. Basically, proper utilization of such tools allows for total outsourcing of operational infrastructure at reduced cost to your business.


Application Monitoring Solutions

Application and log monitoring options can be key in helping you ensure your business is operating at its best. It’s essential to monitor applications from multiple angles to determine how well they’re performing. Especially for DevOps teams who are breaking new ground in terms of software, it’s essential to know how their output is performing via revelatory metrics.

Nothing that’s been designed in terms of software is “static”; it’s not “stationary”. Software is always in motion; especially as cloud computing solutions have become mainstream. Prior the cloud, tech already doubled on itself at 18-month intervals in accordance with Moore’s Law. With decentralized computing options facilitating IoT, this is more true than ever.

It’s not just increased traffic that businesses managing apps have to deal with. Additionally, businesses are going to have to deal with shifting trends, means of interface, and other operational factors. AR, or Augmented Reality, is already here in a limited capacity, and becoming increasingly mainstream. There will always be a new tech frontier that requires monitoring.

Comprehensive Cloud-Based Operations

With the right app suite properly managed, you can entirely outsource an office. Conceptually, a CEO could operate from a basement, using the internet and associated applications to acquire management.

That management, using similar tactics, could acquire productive employees who work together in software design, salesmanship, content design, or any of endless possible professional exploits.

Instead of renting out an office and buying equipment, you can work with people where they are, using tools they already have. Basically, cloud computing and the Internet of Things have made it possible to decentralize corporate infrastructure while retaining competitive viability. Startups operating from the cloud can yet contend with big-ticket industry.

Solutions like Clockspot, Slack, and AppOptics are several key applications all future-minded operations stand to benefit from, and they represent merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of modern decentralized infrastructure solutions. If you haven’t looked into these or similar app options, maybe it’s time to. Competitive viability may soon depend on decentralization capacity.

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