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5 Pool Design Trends In 2024

Undeniably, the backyard pool has transformed from a neighbourhood luxury to a staple of home design. Today, it’s not about having a place to cool off during hot summer days but an extension of the homeowner’s unique style and aesthetic taste. As 2024 takes shape, several in-ground pool design trends have caught the attention of homeowners and designers alike.

Here, we examine five of this year’s most appealing and innovative trends in in-ground pool designs for every style.

Resort-style In-ground Pool Designs

2023 has seen an increase in homeowners desiring a constant vacation appeal right in their backyards. Resort-style pools mimic those found in high-end resort establishments, blending the comforts of a spa, the entertainment of a water park, and the luxury of a five-star hotel in one. They often feature an array of luxury amenities like integrated hot tubs, swim-up bars, water features, and custom lighting that adds a dramatic and soothing evening ambience.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools (also known as zero-edge or disappearing-edge pools) are not new. However, their popularity has surged in 2023 due to the immersive and transformative experiences they offer. With one edge appearing to merge seamlessly with a larger body of water, scenery, or sky, they form hypnotic, mirror-like surfaces that provide stunning, Instagrammable moments. They are a particular favourite for homes with a great view like waterfront, hillside, or panoramic landscape.

Smart Pool Technologies

As technology continues to infuse our everyday lives, the trend has trickled down to pool design. Smart pool technologies feature prominently in the design trends for 2023. Automations like self-cleaning systems, smartphone app control systems, and LED light displays are becoming standard within modern pool designs. Now, you can remotely operate all pool functions, from heating to cleaning, lighting, and water features, down to safety covers, thus enjoying greater efficiency, sophistication, and convenience in the care, use and maintenance of your swimming pool.

Plunge Pools and Spools

As homes in urban areas continue dealing with space limitations, plunge pools and ‘Spools’ (Small pools) are becoming increasingly popular. These pools are small, but what they lack in size, they make up for in flexibility and design.

One increasingly sought-after plunge pool feature is high-powered jets. These additions are primarily for resistance swimming. As a result, they transform a small space into a functional, soothing oasis perfect for exercise or relaxation and eliminate the need for an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Eco-friendly Water Solutions

Last but not least, the call for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions is increasingly echoing in pool construction. In 2023, we see a trend towards energy-efficient equipment, including heaters, pumps, and lighting. Solar heating options, LED energy-efficient lighting, and saltwater systems are garnering attention as they minimise environmental impact and trim down maintenance and long-term running costs. More homeowners also opt for natural pools, which use plants and natural microorganisms instead of chlorine to purify the water.


2023 brings pool designs that are ever more luxurious, high-tech, and eco-friendly. More than ever, these trends depict pools not just as a place for a swim but as a sophisticated haven reflecting your style and commitment to sustainability. Rest assured, regardless of your home’s size and style, there is an in-ground pool design trend that will take your home’s aesthetic to the next level while catering to your functional needs.

Whether you plan on adding a new pool or updating an existing one, use these five trends as inspiration and a guiding light when you consult your local pool installation experts. Then, sit back, dip, and enjoy these refreshing design ideas as you create or update your perfect aquatic retreat.

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