Top 20 Retail Sales Interview Questions

Worried about your retail sales interview?  Find out what are the most common questions in this article, and prepare your answers!

Often in the retail market (although there are many categories in the market), interviewers always seem to come across the same style of questions. Find out now which ones to prepare!

Tell me your past experiences as a retail seller.

Even if you don’t have any past work experiences, you can talk about a time in which you’ve been helpful to a customer, or where you were a part of a successful team.

What type of merchandise were you most successful selling?

If you do have past retail experience, make sure to talk about what you were best at. Also, before you read any further, check out Sam shiah for more tips about not just sales interviews, but also about how you can get a job on WallSt.

What do you know about this company’s products and services?

It’s imperative to research the company beforehand. Impress them with your knowledge of their products and services before you’re even hired.

What makes you a great candidate for this particular job?

This is time for you to sell yourself! Talk about your strengths and professional qualities.

What are your strengths and weaknesses in customer interaction and customer service?

This is the question that most people seem to fear the most. You don’t have to flat-out say that you are bad at something, but rather just talk about something you struggle with but you are taking steps to get better at.

What do you like about working in retail sales?

If you show that you’re passionate about the work, you will make a good first impression with the interviewers.

What did you do at your current / last business to increase revenue, reduce costs or save time?

If you were part of an integral team that helped raise money or grow the business, definitely talk about it. Your achievements will be much appreciated.

Tell me about a time when you felt you were doing your best to help a customer.

As a retail sales representative, you pride yourself on helping others. Talk about the feeling of satisfaction you get when you do everything you can to help out a customer.

Talk about a time when you were challenged in the sales process.

Sales is tough work. While everyone faces ups and downs in their careers, it’s how you learn from it that really counts.

Why did this challenge happen, and how did you handle it?

Follow-up to the previous question by talking about what you did to mitigate damages and take control of the situation.

What type of retail sales system did you use?

Do you have experience using certain types of software programs? Maybe your technical experience will play an advantage during your interview.

How much did they require you to use your math skills?

Did your past job ask you to do a lot of calculations? If so, how did you handle it? Are you a fast learner? Do you love working with numbers? Or, do you rely on machines and programs to do the heavy lifting?

What was the management structure in your previous retail sales jobs?

This is also a question you can ask them near the end of the interview. They want to know how your previous jobs were structured, and you want to know about their job structure.

Did you work on commission?

This question will determine whether you are comfortable working on commission salary, or if you have experience with it, and whether it’s something you are looking to continue with this new position.

What did you do to become a better retailer?

While it may seem like some people are just born to do sales, everybody has to start from somewhere. What steps have you taken in your career so far to better yourself as a salesperson?

Additional Interview Questions

Here are a few more questions that you may be asked during your retail sales interview:

What kind of program do you want to work in?

Would you be available to work additional shifts?

Why did you choose to be a seller?

Are you creative?

What was the last book you read?

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