Types of commercial refrigerators

The commercial refrigerators find use in many commercial and industrial applications. You might have seen a large fridge in sweet shops, bakeries and grocery stores. They use refrigerators to store the foods items so that they don’t get spoiled due to bacteria. You can store the food items such as cakes, pastries, fruits and vegetables for a week or more without getting fermented.

The retail chains, and factories with non-vegetarian foods also use high-end refrigeration systems to store high quantities of food and protect it from spoilage. There are different types of commercial refrigerators used in the industries and retail stores.

The commercial refrigeration systems differ in size and use as they are designed for particular types of application. This post shares some commonly used types of commercial refrigerators by retail stores and shops.

Reach- in Refrigerators

The reach-in refrigerators are the appliances that can keep your food items cold and allow you to access them at arm length. They are the most available refrigerators for shops and retail stores. They come with accessories that make the storage easy and convenient. The reach-in refrigerators are usually available with glass doors to make the items visible inside.

Display cases

Display cases are the refrigerators used in the shops and retail stores to store food items like bakery products, ice creams, meats, and other foods. They are used for displaying the items to the customers and help them to make a purchase decision.

The display refrigerators are further classified into vertical, horizontal and products specific fridges. They come in various shapes and sizes, and the users can purchase them according to the food items they want to store.

Merchandiser refrigerators

The merchandiser refrigerators are similar to the reach in refrigerators with the only difference that they come with a glass door. The purpose of these refrigerators is to make the food items visible to the customers and access them with ease. They are spacious enough to store the jugs and bottles stable in the vertical position. The retail stores usually place them besides a wall near the front or back of a store.

Worktop refrigerators

The worktop refrigerators are made for use in the areas with the preparation of foods. They allow you to store the ingredients for the meals and access them readily while preparing the food products. The worktop refrigerators come in a variety of types and enable the workers to work at a comfortable height. They come with the option of including storage hoods, pans, cutting boards required for preparation of foods. Moreover, you can also find the refrigerators with drawers and swing boards that make them convenient to use while working.

Walk-in refrigerators and Freezers

The walk-in refrigerators are large and used for storage of food in large quantities. As the name suggests, the fridge allows you to walk-in and store or take any food item. They are available in large sizes and looks like a room. There is a door to enter the refrigerator and shelves for storage of food items. They are usually made to be accessed by the staff in the restaurants and food factories.

Bar refrigerators

The bar refrigerators are meant for storage of different mixers, drinks and beverages. They are available in an extensive variety of sizes and styles. They are called bar refrigerators as they are made to satisfy all the requirements of a bar. They are available with glass doors for displaying the beverages like beers bottles and cold drinks.

Bar refrigerators are usually available in two sizes – the low boys that are small in height and the high boys that are the size of waist level. The bar refrigerators are classified in various types such as Bar Back Refrigerators, Keg Coolers, Glass and Plate Chillers, Horizontal Bottle Coolers, Direct Draw Beer Dispensers and Wine Merchandisers and Coolers.

Under Counter Refrigeration Drawers

The grocery stores and supermarkets use the under counter refrigeration drawers for the storage of meats, fish and poultry products. They are best for restaurants and small kitchens to install them in the cooking line. These refrigerators are an excellent way for space storage and avoiding the clutter in the food preparation areas of restaurants and food chains.

Final Words

These are the types of commercial refrigerators for kitchens, food chains, restaurants and food industries. However, like the home refrigerators, the commercial units also need repairs and maintenance.

As they are made for heavy cooking loads, they suffer more issues than the home refrigerators. However, the repair facilities are available at various locations like the commercial fridge repairs Ipswich. The professionals can visit your place and repair the unit at your doorstep.

The commercial units are extensively made for heavy usage and are expensive than standard refrigerators. Therefore, it is best to buy the refrigerators of the right type and size according to the business requirements.

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