Advertising Agencies

The Breakdown of Advertising Agencies

An advertising agency is an independent firm that specializes in how, when, and where with regard to advertisements. By this, we mean how the ads are done, when the ads are done, and where the ads will be displayed to reach the target audience.

The target audience for ads is either local or global. For a local target audience, a local ad agency will be used, but for global reach, an international advertising agency will be the ideal pick. This helps companies to reach their clients in a much simpler way.

Ad agencies can hand over ads to the clients or go about the whole procedure solely. It is up to the client to make this decision. This review will discuss in detail the steps of the advertising procedure used by ad agencies and the roles that these ad agencies play.

Roles of Advertising Agencies

Ad agencies play the role of content creation for adverts based on the information they have gathered concerning the product.

Ad agencies formulate research on the company and the client’s goods or services as well as the customer’s action to the products or services.

Ad agencies are also responsible for selecting the type of media tool to be used. They also determine where and when this media tool will be used and for how long the tool will be in operation.

Ad agencies are huge on customer feedback, and they collect and analyze this data to determine the next step of action.

Steps Taken By Ad Agencies When Advertising

To get the best results when advertising, a procedure with detailed steps has to be formulated. These steps include:


An advertising agency ought to be briefed by the company regarding the product or service that is being promoted. The ad agency then follows up by doing a SWOT analysis of the company and the product or service being advertised.

Knowing the Objective

An ad agency needs to find out from the client the purpose of advertising. Basically, to understand what message the product or service should relay to consumers.


This step involves understanding the behavior of the market, such as trends, understanding the competitors, and the marketing tools they are employing as well as the clientele response to the product or service the company is offering.

Target Audience

In this step, you identify consumers who are most likely to buy a product. The target audience should be correctly identified without being subject to confusion; for instance, if the product is a fairy tale book for children, then the target audience is their parents as they are the ones to make the purchase.

Media Selection

After selecting the target audience, it is crucial to choose a media tool that suits the product or service that is being promoted.

Setting the Budget

The ad agency has to formulate a budget with no deficits or extra amounts during this process to ensure that no money is lost.

Design &Creation Of The Ad

The design is the basic outline of the ad on a newspaper or a billboard, whereas the invention is the formulation of content which is done by content creators with the help of art experts.


This step involves examining and re-examining the formulated ad to perfection before releasing it into the market.


This involves the release of the ad into the market once perfection has been achieved.

Place &Time

In this step, the ad agency determines where and when this ad will be shown once it has been released in the market.


This is the final step of the advertising procedure that involves gauging how the ad is doing in the market. This involves the clientele and whether they are happy with the product and if the ad has reached the intended target audience.


To sum it all up, advertising agencies have to stick to a procedure of marketing products, and if these steps are followed, then it spells success for the product being advertised.

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