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5 Major Reasons Why Frameless Shower Screens Are Good

Using glass in the home furniture gives it a modern look. While decorating our houses, we generally look at every corner but ignore the bathrooms. Your bathrooms also need a luxurious look.

You can give a modern touch to your bathrooms by including shower screens. Despite enhancing the appearance, shower screens have benefits that make your living better. As they limit the splashes between shower areas and bath setups and save your time cleaning the little shower area.

When you consider installing such screens, you will run into multiple options. Bath shower screens at Fontaine Industries have everything that you exactly find for your bathrooms.

There is a wide range of shower screens you can choose from:

  • Single fold screen
  • Bifold screens
  • Framed shower screens
  • Frameless shower screens
  • Sliding door shower screen
  • Quadrant shower screens

You have several options. But everyone chooses one which has real benefits over others.  benefits the most. From the above types, frameless shower screens are the ones that most designer homes are installing in their bathrooms. Let’s take a look at some of them:

They give a more attractive look

Old shower screens in the bathrooms have the same silvery metal framing which is not on the trending list. The glass in those framed screens sometimes is textured. In frameless shower screens, the glass is fully visible and clear, giving more light to the room. These screens complement the shiny tiles and antique lights in the bathrooms.

They are easy to clean

When it comes to cleaning, we find it easier to clean those surfaces with fewer curves and inner gaps. Frameless screens will be your choice when you consider cleaning your shower screens.

Those screens do not have aluminum frames which get different vague stains that need to be cleaned with certain soaps and chemicals. And also there are gaps in between those frames which becomes the favorite place for dirt and filth to join. Cleaning frameless screens are far easier, you just need to take a wipe and slide it down across the screen and they are freshly cleaned.

Gives a spacious look

Bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms in your home. They should be designed and decorated in such a way that maximizes the available space. Frameless glass screens give the illusion of clean and wider space.

They are durable

We generally come across the issues of fixtures and repairing of home furniture off and on. With frameless shower screens, you feel less worried. Frames and doors in the shower screen are installed with nuts and bolts. And keep coming in and out of those sliding doors on a daily routine that asks for maintenance and repair. With frameless screens, you have glass doors that are durable for long-term use.

They are less expensive

Sometimes while renovating your home, you leave some corners because you feel out of budget. Adding luxury seems to require more budget. When you go through bathroom fixture options, you see expensive stuff. Other shower screens might seem expensive to install but frameless shower screens will suit your budget needs. You can beauty your bathrooms with a glossy screen at less cost.


Whether you are building a new home or just renovating the existing one and replacing older fixes with new ones. Consider those ignored little areas, your bathrooms. Give them a streamlined appearance with a quick upgrade by installing frameless shower screens that will help your idea and your budget as well.

The above-mentioned benefits make frameless shower screens the best option to stand out among other ones.

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