Countries with the Highest Internet Speed Worldwide

Top 9 Countries with the Highest Internet Speed Worldwide

For digital nomads, internet speed is one of the most critical factors for deciding a base location for their selves while traveling across the globe. Without a reliable internet plan like Spectrum internet packages, you would never be able to attend an online meeting or conduct video conferences.

To help you avoid the stress and miscommunication that might occur due to slow speed internet connection, we have listed the top 9 countries in the world with the highest internet speed.

So, let’s dig in!

Top Countries with the Highest Internet Speed Worldwide


With an average download speed of up to 85.02 Mbps, Taiwan delivers the fastest internet speed among all countries. It is a well-developed region with most cities having access to fiber-optic technology – the fastest internet connection in the world. However, Taiwan also has cities and rural places where internet speeds are below average.


Singapore Famous for its high standards in the digital world, Singapore has the second most fast speed internet speed in the world. You can get up to 70.86 Mbps of average internet speed in this country.


Competing well with the Asian countries, Sweden also provides high-speed internet to its residents. Every Swede finds it easy to connect it to the network and enjoy a seamless online experience. Work from home and starting an online career is super convenient in Sweden.

Here you can get up to 500 Mbps of average internet speed. Some providers even offer as high as 10 GB per second, which is the fastest speed worldwide for home networks. As a cherry on top, you can enjoy the internet without any speech restriction or network surveillance.


Next on our list is Denmark. With 49.19 Mbps average internet speeds, the country has a well-advanced internet infrastructure. People living in this country use the internet for their daily home and work-related activities.


Despite being one of the most populous countries in the world, Japan successfully secures the 5th position in the list of countries with the highest internet speed. You can access up to 42.77 Mbps average internet speed without any hindrance.

With majority of Japanese spending several hours on social media every day, the country’s internet usage has reached new heights in the last ten years.


One of the robust investment management centers in Europe, Luxembourg has stayed on top of all technological developments. The country delivers up to 41.69 Mbps of average internet speed and stands at 6th position in the world’s highest-speed internet providing countries.


Netherlands is no doubt a small country, but it offers a good average internet speed of up to 40.21 Mbps to its residents.


Switzerland is famous worldwide as one of the most serene places in the world. People have complete freedom to access anything they want on the internet.

With average speeds up to 38.85 Mbps, Switzerland is a perfect place for people who want to visit the Alps and manage work side by side as well. Just like Sweden, you get to enjoy the internet without any restrictions.


Finally, the last one on our list is the Scandinavian country, Norway. If you decide to take a break from Fjords, you can find your tour guide at a blazing fast speed of 38.85 Mbps.

Summary: Countries with the Highest Average Internet Speed Worldwide

Country Total Population Average Download Speed Download time for a 5GB Movie Restrictions
Taiwan 23,816,775 85.02 Mbps 8 mins, 2 seconds Speech Restrictions, Network Surveillance
Singapore 5,850,342 70.86 Mbps 9 mins, 38 seconds Speech Restrictions, Network Surveillance
Sweden 10,099,265 55.18 Mbps 12 mins, 22 seconds No restrictions
Denmark 5,792,202 49.19 Mbps 12 mins, 53 seconds Network Surveillance
Japan 126,476,461 42.77 Mbps 15 mins, 58 seconds Speech Restrictions, Network Surveillance
Luxembourg 625,978 41.69 Mbps 16 mins, 23 seconds Network Surveillance
Netherlands 17,097,130 40.21 Mbps 16 mins, 59 seconds Network Surveillance
Switzerland 8,654,622 38.85 Mbps 17 mins, 34 seconds No restrictions
Norway 5,421,241 38.46 Mbps 17 mins, 45 seconds Web Surveillance

Bottom Line

You can never understand the value of a good internet speed unless you experience numerous lags and delays. The endless loading and waiting to download a small file is enough to make you lose your temper – turning even a brief trip into eternity. We hope this list helps you in making the right decision when you decide to manage remote working with your traveling schedule.

Having a high-speed internet connection is beneficial only if you ensure good security while accessing it. We would suggest you use a VPN whenever you travel abroad and install an authentic antivirus to keep your mobile and computer safe.

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