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Trending Paint Colours for Kitchen – Make A Smart Selection and Wow Your Guests

There are several ways to make a room look more appealing. When it comes to designing or remodeling your kitchen, a fresh coat of paint is an easy and effective way to elevate the aesthetics. As per colour psychology, colours have the power to transform out mood, which makes it important to carefully choose the paint colour.

When it comes to kitchen colours like white, yellow, grey and red create a welcoming atmosphere while warm colours stimulate appetite. You can also make use of quirky colours in countertops and islands to make the space appear more unique and interesting. The overwhelming number of choices available may make it tricky to shortlist a colour.

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Popular paint colours for kitchen

Liven it with light yellow

If you want to play it safe with colours try toned-down yellow. It is distinctive and goes well with most wood shades of cabinet colours. Yellow reflects maximum ambient light and makes even gloomy crammed space look lively. Deeper yellow shades give a traditional touch whilst emitting a rich vibe.

Go traditional with Neutrals

When it comes to traditional homes, you’ll have to create a warm look. Neutral colours have been the traditional choice for ages. You can opt for a muted version of your favourite colour and pair it with dark cabinets.

  • Warm neutrals: If you have installed dark wood cabinets, bring out the wood’s warmth through lighter neutrals with warm undertones like beige, taupe, soft blush pink etc.
  • Cook neutrals: For dark wood cabinets with cool undertones, opt for cooler toned neutrals like lavender-toned grey, greige or dark blue-grey.

The spectacular white-on-white

Consider going all-white with white walls, white cabinet, white ceiling, white counter etc. You could choose to keep it all-white or create a contemporary look by bringing in quirky colours using appliances and accessories like white clocks and white stools etc.

High contrast of dark and white

Black isn’t usually a conventional choice for kitchens but when you pair black cabinet with bright white, the visual impact is huge. The heavy contrast works great for modern homes. Alternatively, you can opt for a dark brown cabinet.

Add spice with red

Red is bold and is an attention-grabber. Use it strategically so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. Red cabinets with stainless steel appliances make an interesting pair.

Funky with bold and bright colours

Why restrict yourself to traditional colours when you can have so much fun with bold and bright colours? Bright colours complement dark cabinets. If you aren’t confident about bright walls, you can go for a bright island or colourful furniture.

Get design inspirations from magazines and internet. Professionals would help you decide, which would work ideal for your kitchen space.

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